Cold store with their hands.

If you have your own beer store, which sells about 10 varieties of draft drink, it would be quite in-line cooler, whereas if you're dealing with 30 varieties, it will be necessary to use a cooling chamber.Such equipment is quite expensive, but fortunately, you can make yourself.As the only requirement appears that the selected area must have certain configurations, as well as a specific area.

Features refrigerating chamber

If the freezer will be made with your own hands, you first need to determine what features will have a design.Here you can use one of the existing options, the first is cheap, second - capital.To produce the structure, and specifically its frame can be made of beams, the width of which is 5 cm or more.In the interior of the carcass must install foam sheet is necessary to select those that have a thickness of 5 centimeters.Each joint must be filled with foam construction to prevent infiltration of warm air inside the chamber.When the freezer is made with your own hands, you need to plan in advance the parameters of the frame depending on the available dimensions of sheets of foam.This is necessary in order to be able to save material and produce its cutting.After using the furniture stapler, you need to fix insulation on both sides, it is recommended to use at work and roll a vapor barrier, it is preferable to choose one that is made of aluminum-based.Positioning must be shiny side out.Using a vapor barrier will allow most effectively ensure retention of the cold inside, and also to exclude the penetration of the heat inside.Among other things, this material will be able to protect the structure against moisture.As is known, a heater that has been wet, loses half of its thermal insulation characteristics.

expert recommendations on work

When the freezer is performed with his own hands, the next step is to seal the joints of the insulation, using an adhesive tape on an aluminum base.With the need to produce a self-tapping fixture the inside and outside wall cladding.At the same time, you can use plywood or OSB.If you decide to use plywood sheets, you need to buy the ones that have a thickness of 10 millimeters.Paul, if you want to make a perfect design must also be insulated.For the arrangement of the camera is necessary to cover the surface of the plywood floor, the thickness of which must be as much as possible.While laid on top of the steel sheet.When the freezer is made with their own hands, it is advisable not to save money, if you decide not to do so, the floor system can be covered with a steel blade, the thickness of which is equal to 1 millimeter.Such manipulations will preserve the surface, if you will move kegs, because they may damage the plywood sheathing.

Features of work

Along the wall in the inner space to install the stand, its production can be made of steel parts.Acceptable use at the same time, and timber.In principle, the keg can be set against each other, but in this case the complexity arises when it is necessary to remove the container located below.Separate production of the refrigerator compartment must be based on the parameters that will hold it for you and match the size of the room and the store.It is important to identify and then how many goods will be stored in the refrigerator.Thus, the width of the construction should not be less than 1.5 m, otherwise the inside of the device will not turn.It should also be remembered that too large interior space would imply the need to use a powerful cooler, which entails costs.

Making additional components

In the manufacture of door camera is necessary to consider that this element should be insulated, whereas it will be possible to fix the edge of the rubber seal.It is important to provide for the availability of high-quality deadbolt, which will provide tight shut-off.

alternative manufacturing chamber of sandwich panels

refrigerating chamber of sandwich panels with their own hands can be performed.Between a pair of steel blades laid polystyrene or polyurethane foam, while the width is 30 millimeters.As the advantages of this camera performs its portability, ease of assembly and disassembly.Among other things, this design will have more impressive heat insulation with less thick walls.Panels should not be cut, they are collected by the slots located on the edges.

Monobloc or split-system

As soon as the cooling chamber to make their own hands succeed, you need to think about what the temperature should be in its inner space, the most appropriate is the one that is kept within 5 degrees.Speaking of conventional air conditioners, that is they are not able, for that reason it will be necessary to use a freezer unit of industrial production, which must be of high capacity.

Features monoblock

The monoblock cooler are all elements in a single package.Before making the refrigerator compartment, you need to think about that candy bar cost a smaller amount of funds compared to the split-system.But such a structure would imply the need for a more impressive space for installation.

addition, monoblock requires ventilated area is due to the fact that the equipment really hot, and making noises.Bar to be built into the wall of the refrigerator compartment.Between outdoor and indoor units should be installed insulation lining, which will guarantee the tightness of the structure.Bar is easy enough to install, it is unpretentious in operation, and you can use it for small cameras.When you buy should pay attention to the maximum possible amount of a cooled room.This rate is expressed in cubic meters.You can be made and the low temperature freezer, with their hands, such equipment is quite simple to install.