How and when to baptize children?

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baptism of a child - one of the central and most important rites of the Christian religion.This sacrament brings a new person to the Church and sends it under the protection of his guardian angel.When children are baptized?In Orthodoxy decided to baptize the child on the 40th day of the birth.Sometimes this term can be, and just 8 days - usually on the 8th day of the naming of the child took place, and carried out with the naming and baptism.However, most of the rush occurred in cases where a child is born weak or painful, in order to catch him Communion for church sacraments, and thus try to save or protect.Sometimes decided to baptize such children immediately after birth, and to do so in the absence of a priest could any Orthodox believer, and after recovery perform the ritual of anointing and washing.

However, right when children are baptized on the 40th day.It is believed that to this day there is a complete cleansing of women after giving birth, and the mother can enter the temple with the child.In general, the Orthodox priests say that it is desirable to baptize children until they reach 7 years of age (with parental consent).And when they baptize children from 7 to 14 years, it requires not only the parental blessing, but the consent of the child.And after 14 years is enough to desire the child to perform the rite of baptism.

second important issue in the sacrament of baptism is the choice of the cross.Now the choice of godparents often dictated by the sympathy of parents, because of the cross be - is an honorable duty.This means that the parents of a person trusted by the most expensive - the soul of the child.And in choosing godparents must be approached very seriously.Is it possible to baptize the child the man professing another faith?This is highly undesirable, because in the Christian tradition, the procession should accustom his pupil to matters of faith, congratulations on church holidays and deal with his spiritual education.Of course, it is better if you do it will be a man with a parent-child religion.Also, it can not become godparents incapacitated, mentally ill people.

Can you baptize a child without the cross procession, or vice versa?This is another question often occurs at baptism.In principle, according to the priests, for baptism godparents only one - of the same sex as the child, which is going to be baptized.Now, however, most parents try to pick up a pair of godparents of different sexes.In general, it is understandable, because the parents of the child, too, two, why did the spiritual caregiver should be one.But we should remember that they can not be godparents of both people in the marriage, as well as the parents of this child.

The duties of the procession included the adoption of a special towel-kryzhmu baby after the ritual ablutions, and it puts the cross on the child's cross.Accordingly, the usual cross on a chain - this is the first gift godparents his charge.But godfather duties are not limited to.When children are baptized, people voluntarily assume the responsibilities towards his godson - now they must daily pray for their children baptized, follow their life and spiritual development.Godson, soglasnotraditsii, visit their godparents for Christmas, but that does not mean that during the year, such visits do not.It should be remembered that baptism - a responsibility, but it's a great happiness, and - to be spiritual parents for the little guy.