How to draw the Joker's pencil?

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If your intention is to draw some kind of villain, which would be a very formidable and charismatic, the most ideal option - it is the Joker.After all, it is the most terrible and frightening enemy of the famous Batman.In addition, the character first appeared in comics in 1940.

All the time the Joker were notorious villain and a criminal with looks mad, evil clown.But do the other side presented this character when it played Heath Ledger.It was a very charismatic hero-villain.Therefore, we consider how to draw the Joker himself.

Embodiments drawing

Joker - just a kind of a hero, and you can paint in a variety of ways.Someone prefers to base his portrayal of graffiti on the walls of houses and warehouses.Some learn to apply the right makeup to the face, to come as close to a fictional character.Often you can see the tattoos Joker, made in the most unexpected places and variations.Some artists have even learned to portray this character with just one salt and a small piece of cardboard.The easiest way to portray the Joker's pens or pencils.Therefore, we consider now as a pencil to draw the Joker.

Construction drawing

Select the appropriate image for a piece of paper and place it on the table.For proper rendering, we will need a set of pencils that are used by artists or drawing pencils, that is, in any case, they should have different hardness lead.

How to draw the Joker?Very simple.You only need to follow step by step instructions and be able to at least a little draw.

For a start it will be necessary to make a sketch.Its worth doing fine lines that can be easily removed something extra.

sheet is divided by three lines vertically and five horizontally.The width of the face - the central third of the vertical lines.4.5 Counting parts from the top of the sheet, mark the location of the chin.

can now designate an oval face.Lightly mark the earlobe and left cheekbone.Then, dividing the face into three parts, find the line which will be drawn from the hair.This is the top portion of the first boundary face.Hair wavy lines are drawn.

We are now considering how to draw the Joker in stages to simplify the process of creating a drawing.

prorisovyvaya shoulders Joker, do not forget that everyone should be equal to the width of the face.Label the top line of the jacket.

Now draw a face.Do not forget about the right proportions.From left cheekbone carried out a vertical line, which ends at the right side of the face.It must be divided into two equal parts, this line will be the nose.Since the face slightly turned, the line should be slightly tilted to the right.Now, with the horizontal line mark, which will be in the eye.The right end to be slightly lowered.Eyes are denoted by the same ovals, then they are given the necessary form, designated eyelids.Now draw the nose, the tip should be on the level of the ear lobe, and with a slight slope.Between the nose and the chin midway, will be lips that need to stretch to the cheekbones.


Now that you know how to draw the Joker, or rather, how to make a sketch of the figure, you need to use hatching.She has drawn facial wrinkles.Strokes are applied by thin lines.Boost pressure pencil, stroking the eyes, lips, hair and jacket.Do not forget to change the hardness of the lead to make the most expressive shading texture.

little need advice

To facilitate the process of drawing, take a basis for drawing and rubbings.

Do not forget about the proportions.Joker was neither thin nor thick.

Before you start drawing, consider the face of your character - a makeup applied.

eyes should reflect the madness, cold and inspire fear.

Now you know how to draw the Joker.Therefore, you can safely begin to develop your drawing or sketch.