Which car better.

This question arose for the first time more than a hundred years ago, when the first "samobeglye carts" and began to move quickly and loudly on public roads, frightening the horses and their passengers.There were different periods in the history of the automotive industry, affecting the wide choice of models and the possibility of their acquisition.Henry Ford offered any color as long as it is black, and in times of war the manufacturers switched to the creation of tanks and armored vehicles, postponing decision on which machine is better for later.Today in Russia, peace and tranquility, and the market there are dozens of companies that carry hundreds of different models.

Choice of course is great, but the car - it is quite an expensive purchase item.Because we try to figure out which machines are the best.There are plenty of advisors.Connoisseurs of private traders, who have extensive experience in operating three or four cars, and finished with knowledge to share with all your invaluable information.Numerous specialized magazines, television programs and websites in internente where professional journalists willing to share their impressions of the new model of Bugatti, generously paid by the company, to create one.All kinds of reliability ratings that are based on public opinion without considering the peculiarities of operation, as well as automotive beauty contests, where reporters arrive for money all the same sponsors - car manufacturers.Of course, all of them, and most importantly the wise neighbor, it is able to tell which machine is better.

with a serious approach to this issue should take into account the following factors: conditions for year-round operation of the vehicle, the presence or absence of high-quality roads, the duration of visits and their frequency.Depending on this choice must be made not only to the type of gearbox, automatic or manual, but also pay attention to the parameters of the cross-car, fuel consumption and other relevant parameters.

the need for regular maintenance is not a problem for the residents of big cities, but in the provinces, not all manufacturers have a fairly well-developed network of service centers, to provide not only a competent repair, and fast delivery of spare parts during emergency.Who will operate the car, how many passengers will need to regularly transport if they need volume trunk?Ask first, you only need to practical issues, because the rest depends on the taste of each person, and he also decides for himself what is the coolest car.

Also, do not think that a novice is better to learn from the low-cost, or used, and only then take a new car.Do not forget that the most precious cargo in the car are its passengers, so safety should be at the first place in determining in choosing a new vehicle.

Numerous helpers confidently and with professional aplomb prove which car is better, paying special attention to the quality and reliability of a particular model.Alas, much has changed even in the 90s of the last century, when the financial crisis resulted in the bankruptcy of automotive firms, and the result has led to numerous mergers and introduction of special savings programs.Today, you will not be surprised when under the hood of almost any super-expensive model, jaunty find the inscription "Made in China".Therefore, answering the question of which machine is better, think about the practical side of the issue, and then choose on the basis of their financial capabilities, in order to secure maximum comfort.Do not be mistaken.