Beautiful murals on the passport

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Each of us has a unique kind of ID cards - an autograph or a different signature.What's it called, many of us do not realize, but most want to come up with beautiful murals on the passport.Each signature has its own pattern, which tells about the nature of man, his inclinations, state of mind and visual prompts prying eyes, what can you expect from a man.

Somehow, some want to see the painting, trying to decipher them, they are striking to behold his quirkiness and elegance, or, conversely, minimalism and accuracy.And the other just glide opinion, and they are not interested, about such talk - "flourishes."Beautiful murals on the passport is necessary to invent and think.After all, the document we are not part of me, and delivered our own mark can at best be just boring and at worst affect the success in business.

graphology signature bond seen a man with his occupation, talents and abilities.If you are a creative person, you will not be difficult to achieve by trial and error, so you have a beautiful painting on the passport.Examples of great signings: Pushkin, E. Peha, Repin and others.All of them, like most creative people, have autographs to the whorl, non-standard items.Their signatures are themselves ornaments covers of books, records, pictures, photographs and postcards fans.

But, unfortunately, only a only a few belong to the galaxy of celebrities, but the beautiful mural on the passport want to have it all.What can the average person to get it right?Men are lucky in this respect much more than women.They rarely change the main document of a citizen of the country, anyway signature.Women have to adjust themselves in relation to the change of surname.It is noted that some members of the stronger sex are inclined to be offended if their name is not reflected in the new manuscript of the second half.

to get a beautiful mural on the passport in various ways to further select one, you have to work hard.Begin to experiment.Take a basis caps first or last name.Of these, you can create a monogram combining the two letters together, you can turn on and patronymic.Depending on which letters are present in your initials, you can enter letters into one another.There is another option for owners nekalligraficheskogo handwriting.Select a letter of the alphabet, you loomed best do to yourself association with it.For example, you have a great at the letter "D", it is possible to draw an analogy with the word "home."Feel free to include it in the composition of your painting, even if you - Ivan Ivanov, maybe it will bring good luck and a dream come true.

legislation does not set the general requirements for personal autographs.Therefore, a flight of fancy is not limited to any conventions.The main thing that you personally liked the result.A beautiful painting on the passport photo in the successful performance - and you can proudly display the basic civil documents.