Which is better: Android or Windows Phone?

To understand, Android or Windows Phone to choose, is to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each system.To do this, you need to consider their individual parameters and decide.

To begin with you should pay attention to the user interface.In both systems, it is quite attractive.If we talk about, Android or Windows Phone is better, it is worth noting that in the first system (the latest version) has all the advantages of previous versions, plus added a lot of new for the convenience of users.This system is universal for tablets and smartphones, and WP can be used exclusively on smartphones."Android" notifies the user of various events with widgets on the home screen, and WP uses for this live tiles.Since the first system is much easier to flip back and forth from left to right, many prefer this option.However, the WP is still the most stylish option in terms of interface, so wins.

If you choose, Android or Windows Phone, it is necessary to consider and hardware support.The platform of the "Microsoft" works only on devices from manufacturers that the company has a partnership: it is "Samsung", "Acer", "Asus", "Nokia".The source code for "Android" open, so the platform is more widely disseminated.For this reason, in this category, this platform wins.

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considering which system to prefer, Android or Windows Phone, it is worth mentioning about such an important moment as multitasking.This option for a modern smartphone is considered basic.Both systems provide a good opportunity for that, however, the product of "Google" in this sense is more advanced.That is why there winning again, "Android."

An important parameter for the moment for the system is the integration of social services.Considering better than Windows Phone Android, it is worth noting better interaction with all kinds of services.The contact then there are several tabs: "Latest", "All", "What's New".The first has 8 tiles showing the latest SMS and calls, as well as posted on the wall to Facebook.In this category of product, "Microsoft" dramatically outperformed the competition.

Many users want to be able to download a variety of applications for different occasions, and then "Android" is much greater than a competitor, as in its application store has more than 250,000 different programs.However, this can be attributed to the fact that the platform is there for much longer.

company "Google" is trying to unite all its members under the same roof with the ICS, and the "Microsoft" is working on the formation of a new ecosystem in the mobile industry that will allow customers choice in addition to the existing systems.It is expected that many will choose Windows Phone instead of Android.

In conclusion we can say that the choice between these two systems must be done so that it is convenient to you in the first place.Windows Phone can be called more stylish and elegant, while the "Android" is distinguished by its ease of operation and in terms of development.If you enjoy a large selection of applications, with the WP you will be a bit difficult to handle.