Up to how much to sell beer and how long you can make a row?

"Beer" theme has long been a sore point for post-Soviet countries.However, not only for them.The inhabitants of Europe and America, too, is actively drinking, rowdy, and even drink too much - the difference is that they carefully disguise, and if the Western media, and there is little article about the census and peregulyavshem man, it leaked.

By the way, in Europe, the sale of alcohol is strictly regulated.Buy a bottle of frothy drink only on presentation of the relevant documents, and to drink it with his friends in the street pivomanam possible not when he wants, but at a certain time.And what about this in Russia?Up to how much to sell beer in big and small towns in our country?

Teens and beer

No matter how abused the great and mighty Soviet Union, but the then younger generation was much more conscious of this.Of course, bullies, but did so secretly, for fear that the "public" will not understand and will brand forever.Today's average teenager is simply devoid of motivation.Instead of further determined by life, she prefers "good time" with their own kind.Unfortunately, given how many to sell beer,

breaking the law in some regions of the country, beer drinking among young people - a fairly common phenomenon.


Until recently, the sale of alcohol in Russia was carried out quite freely, and the buyer, whether he was a minor, even, the documents were not asked.Maybe Dad buys the beer ... In 2005 came into effect the so-called prohibition, and all conscious citizens become aware and how many to sell beer, and when to buy a drink is no longer possible.

However, necessity is the mother of invention, especially in the full "totalitarianism."After the State Duma passed a law further reduces the time of sale of alcohol, people found an interesting output.Given the fact that during the day to buy beer no one stops, it was considered the norm to buy it in store, enough to not only until the evening, but also for the whole night.However, to meet spree company now virtually impossible, because drinking alcohol in public places is severely punished.Sometimes the ruble, but sometimes you can and term shlopotat.

Pyanstvu - fight!

How late sell beer - it is clear, and if a person suffering from addiction, decided to buy a few bottles in the morning?Such cases are too, but the fact that a large part of the population in the morning still working or studying, and drinking alcohol in the workplace is fraught with all sorts of unpleasant consequences.

How late sell beer?Sales of alcoholic beverages in Russia after 23-00 becomes a criminal offense.Hardly seller would risk their jobs and freedom, even if the client has "threatened" to buy up all the stall.After the adoption of more stringent laws under special attention, as would be expected, it turned out to Moscow.The sale of alcohol is terminated after it 20-00.The law is harsh, but it's the law ...