High heels - the main element of evening dresses

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choosing a holiday outfit, many people forget that the shoes - the main part of the ideal image.Depending on the color, pattern and height of the heel may be understated complement to the dress, or vice versa, drag all the attention on himself.

It is believed that for evening dress fit only high-heeled shoes.In fact, it is not.Of course, high heel, always looks elegant, but do not forget about comfort.The whole evening heels can be a challenge for the legs, and then the festival will become a torment.Moreover, some girls do not wear high heels.In this case, it is not necessary to give up their habit for the sake of style.Alternative high heel shoes can be ballet flats or sandals with a low heel.

not advisable to wear heels higher than 5 cm, those with weight problems.This is not only bad for your health, but also ugly.Pin on legs with Large calves look ridiculous.

not fit high heels, skirts and dresses for the length of which reaches to mid-calf.For these clothes more suitable ballet shoes or dressy sandals wedges.

But there are cases when the platform shoes and heels will look just perfect.For example, the dress, the length of which is not lower than the knees.Buried shoes more suitable for clothing made of thick material, but short dresses made of light fabrics and much better than the open dress combined with sandals.

to the pants will fit almost any heel, moreover, that most of them are combined pointy shoes.In combination with trousers they visually lengthen legs.

Choosing the color of the shoes, with the consent of his clothes coloring.Bright shoes with heels in combination with a neutral color dress to attract attention to themselves, and can be left unnoticed beautiful neckline and a thin waist.But they perfectly underline the perfect feet.Shoes neutral shades, focuses on the dress.

Until recently, the fashion rule states that the shoe color should be combined with accessories: bags, belts, jewelry.However, modern designers offer the most courageous decisions in the choice of footwear.Now it could become the main decoration of your image, regardless of the compatibility of colors.

Emphasize long legs help heeled shoes, pick up the tone stockings and sandals and laces.A bright, cross straps shoes, on the contrary, visually shorten the leg.

addition to aesthetic qualities, shoes should be comfortable.So seriously consider their choice, paying attention not only to their combination with the dress, but also to comfort.

not to be disappointed in buying, follow certain rules of selection of shoes:

  • Before fitting, felt shoes inside and outside.The inner surface should be smooth, without noticeable irregularities and sharp edges.Outside, on shoes should not be dented after pressing a finger.
  • insole should be dense, it will make the shoes more comfortable.
  • High-heeled shoes must be reinforced instep.
  • Please note that the dark lining of shoes in the future may leave marks on the stockings.
  • Trying on shoes with heels, be sure to wear both at once.
  • Wearing shoes, transfer his weight from heel to toe.If the fingers will rest in toe shoes, then you need a bigger size.
  • Try to buy shoes in the afternoon, as by this time the legs are often slightly swollen.Shoes purchased in the morning can become cramped closer to the night.
  • If you think that trying on shoes is not very well sit on the leg, give up this purchase.No need to hope that the spacing shoes better sit down.

to choose the right shoes, you'll look best in any holiday.And you do not have to leave the party early due to tired legs.