How toned machine itself by means of the film.

Tinting car windows, ie changes in their reflective properties and light transmission in our country has become very popular.It really makes the car a perfect device, especially on hot summer days.Toned car itself - it means to get rid of the adverse effects of bright sunlight, which can not only heat the car to such an extent that its interior can not be located, but also damage to the occupants subjects, and spoil his equipment - many of the elements usedinterior design for cars are made of plastic, which is subject to deformation by heat and its surface - the "burnout."That is why the decision on how toned the car itself is for many an important aspect discussed among motorists often.More often there is a question how toned machine for guests to enjoy the coolness and a splendid appearance of the car does not turn into trouble with the employees of traffic police.

So how toned the car yourself?There are two types of tinting - by spraying, and by sticking the special window film.The first variety is quite widely used in the 90s of the last century, today has lost popularity due to the complexity of its implementation, as well as the inability to lead glass to its original state.That is, there are only special dubbing the film, in addition to having easy installation and a number of other benefits.For example, the film gives a certain protection against the glass cracks when hitting him pebbles.The passengers, in turn, protected in this case, from the fragments of glass in case of emergency.In addition, such tinting helps to significantly reduce the burden on the driver's eyes in bright afternoon light.Besides toning able to decorate the exterior of the machine, even to breathe new life into it.Tinted films made in many garages, but if you want to save money, will have to read the instructions as toned machine itself.

Instructions how toned machine using film:

First, you need to purchase the appropriate film for tinting.The market now offers automotive parts many options of this product for every taste.If you choose, you must be careful - not every film corresponds to GOST standards, so the choice should be approached carefully.

Secondly, you need to remove and thoroughly wash all the windows.Do not forget that the process of washing the glass is also important, as well as label film, because every speck of dust left on the glass, results in a "bubble".After the windows are washed, they should be wiped with a dry cloth, but one that does not leave a lint and thread.

third stage to decide how toned the car itself, should be a process of breeding a soap solution.To this was dissolved in pure water of about 4 droplet shampoo or detergent per liter of water.

followed by gently bend the corner of the film, starting with the bottom corner.After otkleyki film with a transparent layer, it must be immediately sprayed with soapy water, using a spray bottle.Then proceed to spraying glass.Preparatory procedure is finished you can proceed to the imposition of the film.Then, by means of a plastic or rubber spatula necessary to expel water and air accumulated under the film using motion from the center to the edges.

After all the bubbles under the film will be removed, you can start trimming excess edges of the film.Used for this blade.The glass is then dried either in air or using a hair dryer.After toning is done, it is not recommended to raise or lower windows seven days.In addition, the film can not be washed using products containing abrasives.