How to Remove Tinted Self

Few car owners refuse tinting car.This has a significant explanation.Tinted glass in the summer protects against excessive heating of the cabin, which significantly reduces the load on the air conditioner, and, consequently, facilitates the work of the engine.Besides, toning does not transmit ultraviolet rays, so that interior of the body does not burn.On the windshield covered with a dark film, do not appear glare, which reduces the likelihood of an accident.In addition, toning does not allow to consider what is in the car, so, to what - the extent, protects against increased attention car thieves who specialize in stealing valuables left in the cabin.

addition to its beneficial properties, toning has aesthetic qualities, it gives the car a more respectable appearance.But only if it is properly glued and there is no swellings, scratches and other defects.

Unfortunately, over time, the appearance of tinting worsens, then it must be changed.To do this, you first need to get rid of the old film covering the glass.Not everyone knows how to remove the tint, so motorists often turn to specialized workshops for help.But rastonirovaniya process is so simple that you can cope with it on its own, not overpaying money to spare.

consider gradually removing the tint yourself.

first glass from which you plan to remove the film, it is advisable to warm up.In this case the adhesive becomes softer and much easier toning will be separated from the glass.For heating, you can use an ordinary hair dryer.Not bringing it too close to the surface, to avoid overheating, uniformly heat the glass before removing the tint yourself.Avoid heating plastic trim parts.

then be lowered to about half of the glass, in the case of side windows of the car.So it will be much easier to separate the film from the top edge of the glass surface.Separating edge toning better with a sharp knife.

Then there are two ways to remove the tinted car windows.The first involves the removal of the film dubbing one sharp movement.To do this, you must take both hands on the top edge of the film, and with the power to pull it down.Following the second method, toning withdrawn gradually.With one hand, you need to slowly pull the film itself, and second gently separate the adhesive from the glass with a sharp thin knife or blade.

But in the first and in the second case, the glass is likely to remain traces of adhesive.So before removing the tint yourself, prepare everything you need to completely clean the glass and then traces of glue.This can help you sharp stationery knife, which you can scrape off the adhesive residue from glass.But after a knife on glass may be left scratching, so it is best to use special solvents to clean the glass after toning.They can be purchased at any auto shop.For these purposes fit undiluted rubbing alcohol.

If the glue on the glass remains a bit, it is possible to remove it using an ordinary dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water.It is necessary to moisten the glass with this solution and wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth.

removing the tint on their own, you will save about 1,000 rubles.That's how much this service costs in garages.But in order to rastonirovat fueled the rear window, it is better to turn to professionals.Even knowing how to remove the tint yourself, you can damage the heating filament and glass, respectively, to disable it.