Empirical research methods in modern science.

Empirical research methods are based on facts and there due to the "solid (irrefutable) data."Apart from this, the empirical research methods using the scientific method, in contrast to other research methodologies.Since empirical research methods are obtained using the "hard data" requires a high internal consistency and stability of funds izmereniya.V this situation, they (measuring) play the role of the independent and dependent variables, which involved to make a scientific study.Due to internal consistency and standard measurements iosnovyvaetsya stability condition, ie verifikabelnyh obtain results that can be fully trusted.Measuring means, in turn, can not be high or fairly reliable, if that means supplying "raw" and unverified information to do further analysis.If not met this requirement, in the dispersion errors creep in, and received ambiguous or misleading results.Empirical research methods depend on adequate and effective methods of scientific research, which produce reliable and valid dat

a that may be easily extended to a set of events, that is, to bring certain laws.However, many theoretical and empirical research methods used to analyze the empirical data suggest the selection and distribution of that who searches for experimental condition (group).Empirical research methods, in general, is inevitably associated with the use of accurate measurement even in places where it is difficult.For example, using mainly observed or perceived pattern of behavior, self-report, and other psychological phenomenon.The main thing that these measures were quite accurate.Otherwise the situation, theoretical and empirical research methods will have the erroneous benefits.When using psychometrics, researchers are faced with important challenges:

a) rude, even the most advanced and reliable tools available for the measurement;

b) as well as the fact that any psychological measurements are not direct, but mediated.

no psychological properties can not be measured directly, it is possible to measure a manifestation of their alleged behavior.Information obtained through measurement is only observable variables."True" value is always unknown.It may only evaluate and assess the impact the error.

in empirical research methods, there are some variables that affect the experiment is the presence of the independent variables, dependent variables and the intermediate or extraneous variables.The first variable included in a pilot scheme with the help of the researcher;Other variables do not introduce the researcher, but they always have to experiment - and they need to control.Variables that are independent, associated with the environmental conditions to which the possibility of manipulation during the experiment, or the display of these conditions.The variables are considered dependent, associated with behavioral effect or display it.The experiment - a variation of the conditions of the environment and monitor what is happening, simultaneous control of (or eliminates the effect) the impact on them of any other (outside) AC.Monitor variables in the experiment is possible using the experimental plan, or by using statistical methods.

Thus, the empirical methods of scientific research, through accurate experiments allow the researcher to make accurate and irrefutable conclusions, on which rests the modern fundamental science.