Navigators car reviews which are full of admiration for users

crazy pace of modern life requires instant movement from one point to another.A person is often necessary to move with extraordinary speed, and every second, lost as a result of improperly planned the route turns into the loss of many opportunities.Cars today reach technical perfection, but moving on them without additional devices, allowing to navigate in a way to find the desired object, the best path and avoid traffic congestion can not be effective in the right degree.

Technological progress has led to the invention of the above-described assistants on the road - car GPS-navigators.Navigators car reviews which say that these devices are located on the first place among the optional accessories installed in the vehicle, are essentially mini-computers capable of receiving data transmitted by navigation satellites, process it, and combine these data with the card.In addition, data from the satellites can be used to determine the speed of movement, for calculating the distance and time of movement, etc.New navigators found the most widespread use among motorists and professional carriers, due to the fact that through the use of satellite navigation to optimize the process of motion manage the vehicle.Navigators car reviews which indicate that the calculation of the optimal path to the destination device is a simple task, are very popular.

Selection of GPS-navigator

choosing Navigator, designed to become an integral part of the vehicle, and an indispensable tool in a way, buyers are often the question arises what the best browser?To answer this question it is necessary to understand that the selection of GPS-navigator is a responsible step, and in the case of misuse of its implementation submitted incorrect or misunderstood information will cause extra kilometers and wasted time while driving.Those who want to choose from a wide range available on the market today's devices best car navigators customer feedback can be invaluable.Motorists can learn Navigators road user reviews of which are located on the Internet, explore different ratings, and only then make a decision about buying a particular product.

Main features of GPS-navigators, to be aware of when deciding to purchase described below.

1. Screen.At the present market are car navigators with screen sizes of 3.5 ", 4", 5 ", 7".Of course, the larger the size of the diagonal of the screen, the more camphor will work with your device.We should not forget that with the size of the display increases the overall size of the device, which is not always acceptable in cars, where the installed additional hardware.

2. Processor.Like any computer work GPS-navigator based on the use of the processor, on the speed of which will depend on the efficiency of the processing of satellite data, the time period spent on a miscalculation of the route, date with the latest processors, browsers are applicable Centrality Atlas III, Media Tek (MTK), SirfAtlas V.

3. The software installed by the manufacturer.Most modern browsers running OS WindowsCE, which allows you to install them in a lot of different programs.From the navigation software, which is engaged in the development of many manufacturers, it depends very much.In particular, the presence of coating maps in remote parts of the territory of different States, detailed maps, service availability, allows you to display traffic jams and more.In our country the most popular are Navitel, Avtosputnik, SitiGID, iGO