Of the excluded - in the model!

Albinism - a congenital absence of the pigment melanin, which gives color of skin, hair, and iris pigment membranes of the eyes.Refilwe Modiselle is very bright and rare representative of this rare human features.This unusual resident of South Africa, working in the modeling business.

It is not only the skin distinguishes it from other members of the African continent.Her eyes, too, and have changed the nature of a beautiful blue.Such white skin, combined with African features and heavenly eyes attracts designers and representatives of the fashion world.In an interview with Grazia, 27-year-old girl complained: "I never thought that I would become a model, but because of this I started to feel beautiful and attractive."

whole point, of course, that many friends, employers, and the ordinary people she perceived as "lepers" and "mutilation".Her whole life had to endure humiliation and ridicule."While walking in the streets, children often shouted after me shit.Many thought that her mother had a relationship with a white man. "

On the one hand they can understand.Africa country is hot and sunny, while as a lack of melanin in the human body is not able to protect the skin from sunlight.But, interestingly, in South Africa, albinos are much higher than in other countries.Each year, the light appears one albino for 4 thousand people.Still, the usual thoughts and beliefs of the people do not change.Albino reject in society and consider them to be almost a "curse."Superstition - a terrible thing!

Suffice it to say that many superstitious people believe that the bodies of these people are able to prolong their lives and empower youth.It is for this reason, as is expected in June 2011, was kidnapped and murdered 14-year-old boy - albino Sibisuso Nhatav (Sibisuso Nhatav).

Despite this Refilve managed to find his place in life and successfully engage in modeling career.She is now the world's only albino woman who defiles on runways in South Africa and at the same time enjoys unprecedented popularity.She was invited to take part in the show Tlalim David (David Tlale), and it has a contract with international modeling agency Ayana Africa Model Management.After years of suffering, she became the face of the fashion business throughout South Africa.

She has been invited to shoot in the film "Sweetheart, talk to meĀ» (Tell Me Sweet Something)."I hope to inspire many people, regardless of race or color" - says the girl herself, and thus constantly literally "smear" sunscreen to feel comfortable on the street.As in many African albinos, whose fate has bestowed upon a belief in yourself, deeds inspired Refilve Tando Hopa (Thando Hopa) 23 years also become a model and "settle" in life, in spite of the unusual for Africans and eye color.

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