Reviews of the Nissan Primera

first Nissan Primera car off the assembly line in 1990.The successor of the first generation Nissan Primera P10 became legendary Bluebird.Obvious shortcomings of the car was not, except that the instability of the body to corrosion.

second generation Nissan Primera P11 was published in 1995 and was known as the Infiniti G20, the sales of which ceased in 2002, simultaneously with the release of the third generation Nissan Primera P12.The car was produced until 2007, and then was taken out of production, as the demand for it fell.

Such was the Nissan Primera car Specifications him were good, even by today's standards.On cars establish only four-cylinder petrol engines of 1, 6;1.8 and 2 liter capacity, respectively 109, 116 and 140 hpturbodiesels and a working volume of 1.9 and 2.2 liter capacity equal to 120 and 138 hp

two-liter turbo diesel and gasoline engine is paired with a six-speed mechanics, and 1.8 and 1.6 were completed five-speed manual.For petrol engine offered 1.8 (optional) Automatic Quad, and a two-liter petrol engine can be installed CVT.

Nissan Primera is the first car of the new generation, in which the latest technology, combining with a bold design make it one of the best technical characteristics and level of comfort in the segment D. Reviews of the Nissan Primera indicate that this modern car likedmany owners.

model draws attention not only to the external design, but also the internal equipment of the cabin, so that the tuning Nissan Primera could be very interesting.Reviews of the Nissan Primera - vivid proof.The advantage is considered that the large salon, and most importantly - do not rattle when driving, as made out of a good, high-quality plastic.Although other reviews interior squeaks because of cheap plastic.But what of agreement, so it is that the instrument panel is very elegant, comfortable and functional, just like in a spaceship.Location instruments is left to chance.The center console right below the instrument panel is the control center.This unique facility is a comfortable and harmonious arrangement, which eliminates hand fatigue driver.

Another innovation was the unification of the various management systems (navigation, audio, climate control) on the same keyboard and elimination of all the information on the large TFT monitor.This was the result of numerous studies and developments in ergonomics.

the rear, under the license plate is color video camera, an image which is also transmitted to the monitor.The roof line is curved, making the cabin a feeling of spaciousness and freedom.Seat backs are designed so that they do not make it difficult to review the passengers in the back seat.The new multi-link rear and front suspension make driving a car a smooth, soft and provide excellent handling and high reliability.

Throughout the time of release of the car repeatedly changed equipment Nissan Primera Specifications continuously improved, so that the car has always met all the market trends in the world of cars.

Security Nissan Primera, too, is based on new technologies.Even in the base car has seat belts with pretensioning system and pressure limiters and airbags - front and side, which can protect the occupants even in a frontal collision.Numerous reviews of the Nissan Primera clearly speak in favor of its security system.

few years ago, the production of Nissan Primera was discontinued, and still the continuation of this line is not present.As they say on the Nissan Primera reviews, excellent handling characteristics and technical characteristics of the vehicle does not have, and look, he does not shine, then there is a simple strong "average."Still very much an outsider it can not be called.Its highlight - tuning Nissan Primera.His original and fresh design makes the car a modern and nowadays new technologies.