Defy the law of gravity with Herbal Essences «The volume of the cube"!

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lush, fragrant rose bushes and lilies The breathtaking immense crown, gilded by the last rays of the sun caressing - this autumn nature does not get tired to surprise us with his perfect creation.The volume, freshness and lightness not hurt and your hairstyle.

balms-conditioners that give the hair shine and make them healthy, often heavier hair and deprive them of volume, and without the use of hair, though the air, but do not look so beautiful and well-groomed.You're used to having to choose between healthy, beautiful hair and gorgeous volume?

Now, thanks to natural ingredients and easy formula shampoo and balm-conditioner from the new collection from Herbal Essences «The volume of the cube," you do not need to make any compromises!From now on, your hair can be a lengthy and bursting with health and beauty.The formula with extracts of pink coral flower and white nectarines will give your hair the splendor of the right places, leaving hair light, healthy and moisturized.

In order to create such a formula, which gives volume even thin hair, strengthening them and throwing a daring challenge to the laws of gravity, a team of scientific experts Herbal Essences used silicones new generation - aminosilicones that make lush hair without weighing it.The components of the formula recognizes the needs of any type of hair and give them exactly what they need, carefully taking care of them.

Magnificent aroma of the new collection "The volume of the cube" from Herbal Essences leading perfumers established company and is Zamechtatelno, invigorating mix that lifts the mood after a shower and happy throughout the day.The heart of the composition - the scent of tropical melon and peach sun, mixed with fragrant rose, and the basic notes are composed of exquisite sandalwood and creamy vanilla.

The new collection "The volume of the cube" is a light shampoo and balsam conditioner.The shampoo gently cleanses your hair and envelops them fresh, delicate flavor, leaving them airy and fluffy and light balsam conditioner nourishes your hair and allows the volume to be stunning as long as possible.