Watery discharge during pregnancy - how dangerous it is?

This is important for every woman's period (pregnancy) is not without experience.The body is undergoing major restructuring - how not to worry because it is often future mom does not know what changes in her health are the norm, and what - the deviation.Often anxiety is completely unfounded and symptoms - far-fetched.In order to unpleasant emotions are not marred this period it is better to read the information about the natural changes of the body of a pregnant woman.In this article we will touch upon an issue that is often worried moms.Specifically describe the norms and deviations cervical secretions why are watery discharge during pregnancy, when they do not cause concern doctors, and in some cases, immediately seek medical help.

What is cervical mucus

first need to understand what all this cervical mucus.This concept represents nothing other than a vaginal discharge.Mucus is produced by the operation of hormones.It protects the reproductive organs of women, as a natural barrier to the growth and development of different kinds of bacteria and fungi.In addition, the cervical mucus acts as a lubricant during intercourse.

The consistency of the mucus is altered depending on the day of the menstrual cycle of women.These changes are explained by the work of hormones that function, in turn, is to create the most comfortable conditions for conception and childbearing.Watery discharge during pregnancy in the second trimester, are not accompanied by additional symptoms are considered a normal variant.

What are the selection correct?

In the first days after menses until mid-cycle, when ovulation occurs, allocation normal transparent and relatively liquid, mucous.In this environment, the sperm can freely reach the egg.Immediately before ovulation, under the influence of luteinizing hormone release and the increase in volume become similar to raw egg white.

In the second phase of the menstrual cycle, the amount of bleeding is reduced, changing their texture and color.During this period, cervical mucus may be off-white and pale yellow creamy appearance.But if conception occurred, then under the influence of hormones a woman may notice uncharacteristic for this period, clear watery discharge.In pregnancy, this condition does not require treatment.

Norma secretions during pregnancy

if conception occurred, then a woman's body begins to actively produce hormones "pregnancy" progesterone.Its action is directed to the implantation of the ovum to the uterus.Against this background, the entire first half of pregnancy occurs viscous mucus transparent color.

Starting from the second trimester, vaginal secretions becomes liquid under the action of the hormone tarragon.Have watery discharge during pregnancy in the third trimester.In some ladies, they can be mild, clear or whitish, while the number of other secretions abundant, delivering a feeling of constant humidity.

If a woman has abundant watery discharge during pregnancy, it is often the expectant mother begins to use sanitary towels daily.But doctors do not recommend the use of such means of hygiene, especially during gestation.As the warm moist environment - the best breeding ground for pathogens.Pregnant recommend frequent change of clothes and hygienic cleaning procedure.

It is worth noting that there is no clear framework of rules of a secret - a characteristic often found, for example, a tendency to appear in yellow or transparent, but watery.But some have cervical mucus should not under any circumstances, described in detail in the relevant section of the article.

Can be watery in the first half of pregnancy?

watery discharge during early pregnancy - is the norm or rejection?And is there any cause for concern?The established medical criteria considered in the first trimester of allocation should not be watery.But if there are no other complaints of the patient and symptoms, it is likely, such a state - is an individual feature of the woman's body.Still better, as they say, play it safe and go with the delivery of an unscheduled inspection of the necessary tests.


What watery consider deviations from the norm?It requires additional diagnosis and treatment of cervical secretions abundant, which is accompanied by:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • change of color;
  • itching;
  • swelling;
  • redness of the external genitalia;
  • appearance of pigmentation or scars;
  • malodorous secretions;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • painful sensations when urinating.

Normally watery discharge during pregnancy transparent, sometimes whitish or yellowish (due rejects epithelial cells) shade.If you notice that cervical mucus purchased below uncharacteristic for a normal pregnancy features, you need to seek emergency medical help:

  1. pronounced yellow mucus with flakes or frothy.
  2. White lumpy.
  3. Brown.
  4. Bloody.

This color of vaginal discharge may indicate the presence of infection, inflammation, and threatened abortion.

Possible causes of deviations

reasons for which there may be abnormal watery discharge during pregnancy, very different, but they all boil down to the core - a decrease in immunity, with the result that a woman is exposed to negative external factors, including infectiondiseases, sexually transmitted diseases.In addition, a change in production of the secret may cause stress, poor hygiene, hormonal disorders, excessive physical activity and weight lifting.

Dripping water wading

watery discharge during pregnancy may be a sign of premature leaking of amniotic fluid.Normally, this condition occurs after 38 weeks.If this term clear liquid with a specific smell of about half a liter of leaked - it's time to gather in the hospital, the fight is about to begin.

But if leakage occurred at earlier stages (the sooner - the more dangerous), it is a disease.In addition, it should be noted that in the early leakage of water, they can stand almost imperceptibly - a few drops per day.Notice and without additional tests to determine the pathology is often difficult even for a doctor.This situation is extremely dangerous for the baby and for the mother.High probability of septic complications.Urgent need to call an ambulance, and gather in the hospital.

Diagnostics abnormal discharge

to confirm or deny the preliminary diagnosis, the doctor will suggest the patient to pass the standard smear, according to testimony be screened for certain diseases which are transmitted through sexual contact.

watery discharge during pregnancy in the early stages can cause a doctor suspected of leaking amniotic fluid.Before going to the doctor (in the absence of symptoms requiring emergency ambulance) home test can be carried out by flash system.It is not difficult to buy in the drugstore.It should be noted that most of these diagnostic tests also determined the absence or presence of infectious diseases.

How to use rapid system to determine leakage of amniotic fluid?

use rapid test at home is not difficult.The system looks like a sanitary napkin.After a thorough reorganization of genitals and hands to print packaging and attach the gasket to the laundry.Expect to need explicit blotting test systems or test it after 12 hours.Analyze the results you need right away.If the gasket is not discolored - pathology was found.But if there were patches of blue and green in color, regardless of their intensity and regularity, the test is positive, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Medical Treatment and prognosis

The sooner a woman went to the doctor, and the diagnosis was confirmed, given treatment more favorable prognosis of pregnancy.What matters is not so much the amount and consistency of the secret as his unjustified change.For example, white watery discharge during pregnancy may indicate inflammation of the ovaries or candidiasis, yellow, brown and green - on the detachment of or damage to the placenta, streaked with blood - possible risk of miscarriage.

To date, developed procedures, there are various medications that have a minimal negative impact on the fetus, as an effective way to combat infectious agents.

Unfortunately, the reasons for late detection of abnormal discharge can lead to serious disturbances of the fetus and spontaneous abortion.

Preventive measures

watery discharge during pregnancy is difficult to foresee and prevent.But it is possible and it is necessary to pay special attention to hygiene of genitals, avoid stress and physical stress, reduce time spent in crowded places to prevent infection with viral respiratory infections, follow the diet and properly planned vacation.

During pregnancy, the woman is not only responsible for their own health, but also for the welfare of the future child.Therefore, any changes in cervical secretions sure to consult a doctor for further examination.Health to you and your baby!