How to sew a coat of the 2 simple options

Sew robe with his hands would like many women of fashion.But even the more experienced seamstress did not immediately understand how to sew a coat complex cut, observing all the rules and proportions.In any case, even the most simple model to sew only by those who have the basic skills of sewing.So better to start with tailoring ponchos, capes and similar models, the more that these silhouettes are so popular lately.At fashion shows can find a variety of options for a coat - cape, with a colorful pattern, monochromatic, with the addition of leather and fur items, light and insulation, with or without lining.Selection of the biggest.

Coat cape

Here is one of the simplest and at the same time interesting and trendy options how to sew a coat pattern "cape" one of the most simple circuits.

First we need to decide on the material.Linings in this model will not, and you can wear a coat on the two sides.To do this, select two-sided fabric, with no clear direction of the nap.

The smaller the selected wrinkle fabric, the better.The edges of the fabric should not have much to crumble.

We need otrez a fabric length of 2 meters and a width of half a meter.

will need to trim small pieces of leather or imitation leather to match the fabric, as well as a beautiful decorative clasp.

Now cut out a rectangle of fabric length 170 and 150 cm wide. The remaining tissue is required for the manufacture of the collar and belt.

Fold-cut is 4 times.

We get a rectangle with sides of 75 and 85 cm.

Where the party is 75cm, will be our arm and shoulder.Side 85 cm - the length of the coat.

In the corner, where there is free edges and fold the fabric, make cutouts for the neck.

Now you need to cut in half the shelf.Pattern foundations ready.

further processed all the edges.To do this, we bend them over the entire length so that the width of the hem was 3 cm, and baste.

To corners looked carefully, do the following.Each corner is folded in half with the wrong side.Now from the resulting drop a perpendicular fold length wide hems, stitched by.The resulting corner is cut and gut-wrenching.

Properly otutyuzhivaem through a gauze fabric All hem.Stitched by a typewriter.

then proceed to the pattern of the collar.To do this, measure the length of the entire mouth.To do this, the easiest way to use a tailor's meter.Once on the fabric rectangle denote a width of 12 cm and a length equal to the resulting measure.Cut.

Now add up the rectangle in half lengthwise measurements equal to the length of the collar.Sew and sew edges of the neck.

sewn decorative zipper.

do next belt.To cut out a strip of fabric width of 16 cm, and a length necessary for the length of the belt.

strip is folded in half, sews.Then turn and proutyuzhivaem.

last stage - the belt fastening at the waist.For this purpose, it is necessary to identify the line cross section of line 9 cm. On top of the cross-sectional line sew pieces of skin.Overcast and cuts them.The resulting cuts insert belt.

Our cape coat finish.

Coat poncho

Another interesting option on how to sew a coat - a poncho.

Also, it all starts with the choice of fabric.For this model we need for soft tissue structure, without a clear direction of the nap.Better to choose the colors solid, small cell or symmetrical stripes, fine pattern without direction.

We need a piece of cloth in the form of a square with a side length of one and a half meters.You should also buy a wide oblique Bakey to match the color of the fabric length of 7.5 meters.

In this embodiment, almost no need to think about how to sew a coat.The main thing - the right to make a pattern.

In the beginning, like a coat-cape, folding the cloth in 4 addition.In the same place we do cut-out neck, but the front of the shelf recess do deeper.We will not cut through.This coat is worn over the head, the length of it is short.

Now cut the edge of the coat so that unfolded turned a circle with a diameter of half a meter.

All edges and neck are processed through piping.

These two simple models are the basis for how to sew a coat and very trendy style in a short period of time.