How to tie a washcloth hook - advice to novice needle women

Knitting is a popular form of needlework.For those who own or crocheted there is no feasible things.Skilled workers can build the models clothes and many useful accessories: cases for glasses, for cell phones, purses and wallets.Those who are just beginning to learn some of the techniques of knitting, sometimes looking for a description of how to make thing simple enough to implement, but beautiful and functional.An excellent example is the story, how to tie a hook loofah , which will help in unpretentious little things create a unique work of authorship.

Knitting washcloths: types of products and manufacturing

washcloths can be linked from absolutely any thread.But the most suitable for this purpose nylon twine or polypropylene thread.Knit possible and on Knitting and crochet.In the second case, the needlewoman have more opportunities to use your imagination and make the thing any form.

Before proceeding to describe, how to knit washcloth , need to select the necessary tools.If you are using nylon twine, then crochet hook fit at number two.Ready-made sponge can be round and elongated in form and mittens.For manufacturing round sponges need to link a small chain of air loops (there may be 8), then it must be closed into a ring.Having three air loop for lifting, then knit circle ring columns with nakida.The next series to start with the air loop.Knit columns without nakida and add a circle five columns.Continue knitting the rest of the series following the example of the second row.Thus obtained twelve or fifteen rows.

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If you want to know, how to knit washcloth fringed, then the following advice for you.For this work the thread to throw on the thumb put into loop number, located below the hook.In this thread, thrown on the thumb, it is under the hook.Pull out the long thread and fix it, knit a column without nakida.This type of knitting is called "elongated loop" in the manufacture of sponges and it is widely used.At the end of the final wisp of tow to the need to link the handle.For its manufacturing of a number that is in front fringe vyvyazyvayut six bars without nakida, then turn the work and re-knit bars.Continue until the desired length required to handle.Then connect the last row of pens with the last row before the fringe sponges, but located on the other side.Now loofah comfortable to wear on his arm.

There is another way how to link loofah elongated.It also fit nylon twine.First, you need to dial the forty loops, close them in a circle.Seven rows of circular knit columns without nakida.Next vyvyazyvayut elongated loop.Tip: each elongated loop must be secured with the help of aerial loops.Otherwise, the loop will turn inside out and cleansers to lose rigidity, becomes flabby.When the item reaches the desired size, come back to the drawing - columns without nakida.At the end of knitting add to it the handle to be associated with both sides.

Sponge child

Kids love all bright and unusual.If you know, how to knit washcloth , that it is fun and beautiful, you can please your daughter or son.So you can make a loofah gloves embroidered with funny faces any animal or fantastic character: bear, pig, cat and other. For the production of such sponges require acrylic yarn for knitting of various colors and a hook at number four.

process begins with a set of stitches, which must be thirty-four, they closed the circle.Mitten fit columns without nakida.Knit eight rows on both sides to make the addition of four loops, knit six rows so.Then leave the two sides do not knit ten loops, and knit on, gradually diminishing the number of loops in a row.While in the end there will be six loops.They must be closed by pulling a thread.Two neprovyazannyh area on both sides of gloves - a hole for handles.At the end issue remains mitten under the selected animal: embroidered muzzle, ears do.You can associate a washcloth, using this kind of knitting as a grid when the image is made up of air loops, connected to the previous close in a certain order.

Knitting - an exciting experience!There is room for imagination.A knitting washcloths for beginners masters - it is an opportunity to test their skills.