How to make a candle with your hands?

Today it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without electricity, and there are few who are able to understand how it was possible before without it, and illuminate their homes wooden torch or candles.But despite this, in today's world, candles are still very popular, though, and are used only as an element of decor or lit on special occasions such as romantic dinners, weddings, birthdays.At the very least they are lit, when suddenly the electricity is turned off.

Of course, unforeseen domestic moments in every house there is a common shoplifting paraffin candles, but for special occasions always want something special and romantic.And what could be more romantic than a beautiful and fragrant candles, and even made his own, especially for the long-awaited event?Here comes in the once forgotten, but has revived successfully and repeatedly perfected the art called svechevarenie.Of course, a beautiful candle you can buy in the store, but is not it interesting to learn how to make a candle with his own hands, and then to translate this knowledge into practice?

If interest woke up to begin with you can try their hand at the cinder used candles.The new suit, too.Cut into pieces and remove the wick wax or residues Prepare a water bath.For it is better to use an old metal utensils, which will no longer cook.So, in a water bath is necessary to melt the wax, and while it is heated, prepare the form, which then flood the candle.First let it be ordinary metal cans of condensed milk in the bottom of which you want to make a small hole.

Further, before a candle, you will need to make a wick for her.It's easy: take any cotton threads, measure the required length of the wick (the thread can be folded two or three times, depending on the thickness of the next candle), a lower end of the thread in the form, pass through the hole and secure the outside of a small piece of wax.The second end to tie a pencil or any other stick that lay on top of the molds so that the thread is inside the banks at the center, in a slightly taut.

If you are thinking how to make a candle of a different color, it is also easy.Only need ordinary wax crayons for drawing, and the color that you want to get planing finely and add to the wax, carefully all mixing until a uniform color.For the odor can be to the same drip a few drops of aromatic oils, but after the wax, remove from heat.Now, when the form is ready, and the wax is melted, you can gently pour it into the mold.Then leave to cool candle future as necessary.When it has cooled, it can be put in the refrigerator for several hours before removing from the mold.Pencil holding the wick can be removed from below the thread itself completely cut off, and leave a couple of centimeters from top to ignite.

Now you know the basic principle of how to make candles, and using it will be able to improve their skills by inventing more and more new designs and using a variety of materials for their manufacture.After all, are not only candles and paraffin wax.Surely you have met in the sale of very beautiful transparent candle inside which "the gardens in bloom and butterflies flutter."This gel or glycerin suppositories, which you can also learn to do if you have a good imagination.

After reviewing all the wisdom and understanding how to make a candle, you might even be able to achieve such an effect like colored flames.Yes, by adding some components of the molten composition can be made so that the candle will be lit in yellow, red, green or blue flame.But with such special effects have to be very careful, because the ingredients that make light colored - not that other, as the chemicals.The rest of the process can be so fascinating that that and look, you have to open your own business.But each time, before a candle, remember safety precautions and follow them, no matter how well you have mastered your new hobby.