How do hodgepodge: simple ingredients, successful recipes

There are many ways how to make hodgepodge.This dish can be vegetarian and with meat, kefir, serum, kvass or boiled water with mayonnaise.In general, each experienced hostess there is his signature recipe for hash, which it delivers to the table in the summer heat or cook by 1 January, in order to help someone recover after heavy consumption of fatty, salty and other junk food on New Year's night.There are some fairly universal embodiment of the dishes, having mastered that you can experiment with ingredients based on their taste.

How do hodgepodge. Recipe kvass

This is perhaps the most common form of cooking the traditional "cold soup".It will be appropriate in the heat of summer, and after a grand feast.We are thinking about how to make okroshka on kvass?First you need to get the required amount of this drink.In summer, it usually happens in the free market, but in the winter, this can be difficult.Many women use homemade kvass, which is extremely positive effect on the final dish, but you need to think about this in advance, so that the drink has to date.

on 1 serving of soup you need to take a glass of kvass, 1 small cucumber, radishes few (if any), medium potato (his pre-boiled in their skins), 1 egg (boiled), pork, ham or cooked sausage - 50 gAlso need a tablespoon of sour cream, a little hot mustard, salt and pepper plenty of greenery, which is available.

Some housewives are arguing about how to make okroshka - finely chop all of the ingredients, or to leave their large, so you can feel every taste.In principle, the first and the second option is the right to exist, but initially the name of the dish emerged from the verb "chop".That is, it turns out that grinds will be more correct.Although if the family decided, for example, the ingredients are added to salads large pieces, then with okroshka can proceed similarly.

potatoes should be peeled, eggs, too, and wash all the vegetables cut into cubes about the same.Finely chopped greens.Then, all of the components together, add salt, add the mustard and pepper, pour kvass and mix.When applying to each plate to put a spoonful of sour cream.

How to okroshka on serum

In this embodiment, a dish cooked mostly during the summer period, as it turns out it is very easy and useful.Serves 4 hash take a liter of serum, a large cucumber, 2 medium potatoes (boiled in their skins), 100 grams of cooked sausage, 2 eggs, herbs, sour cream to taste.

This recipe has a little secret.Before you cook hodgepodge, it is necessary to chop herbs and crush it with salt in the same pot, which will then be sent to the other ingredients.In this case it is empty juice, thanks to which the dish will receive an extra delicious taste and unique aroma.

remaining components clean, crumble into cubes and sent to the greens.Salt is then added, mixed and placed in a refrigerator.When a table pour the serum and add sour cream.

Okroshka on mayonnaise

More precisely, the dish is cooked in the boiling water.It is intended primarily for those who do not like okroshka on kvass or serum.The process takes a minimum of time, literally 20 minutes and a half liters of cold boiled water take 5 boiled eggs, along the beam parsley and green onions, 4 fresh cucumbers, 300 grams of sausage "Doctor", 200 g of mayonnaise, salt, pepper, a little mustard.

vegetables washed and cut into cubes, crumble the sausage also quite small, green chop, all mixed.Boiled egg purified protein was separated from the yolk, ground and added to the remaining ingredients.Yolk is kneaded, mixed with mayonnaise and mustard, and then diluted with water, after which the salt is added to taste and pepper.Then, the resulting liquid is poured the remaining ingredients.When serving you can add ice.