How to cook the crayfish?

Knowing how to cook a delicious crayfish, can make a real delicacy.They serve as an excellent appetizer for beer, and by themselves they are very tasty and nutritious.There are many recipes that describe their preparation.In the classic version is enough to boil them in salted water.A more original versions offer an unusual combination of spices or the use of special blends for cooking.Everyone will find himself something to taste.So, we look at how to cook crabs.

classic recipe marinade

standard way of offers to cook cooking in the marinade, which includes salt, black pepper, seasoning and dill, as well as plain water.Crawfish cooked on high heat for about half an hour to complete redness shells.It is necessary to use a lot of salt, since it does not readily penetrate into the meat.Dill is suitable in various forms: from seed to root.It should be used to give a special spicy flavor.If enough salt and seasonings, cancers can seem tasteless.For a richer flavor, you can add onions, cherry and currant leaves.Cook the crabs for this recipe, you can even nature - does not require any exotic ingredients, the process is as simple and clear, and the result is excellent.But it is worth trying other methods.

How to cook the crayfish in beer?

you can use for cooking, not just water.Suitable and conventional beer.In this case, it does not have to think of a special blend of spices, crayfish and turn out so special.Many a taste seems quite exquisite.Just add salt, pepper, and fennel, as in the previous embodiment.You can mix the water with a beer in equal proportions.Serve you need right in the broth.Alternatively, you can take advantage of kvass, the main thing - pick sour, natural drink.Further actions are similar to the first described recipe.

How to cook crayfish cucumber pickle?

To implement this recipe will have to exert a little more effort.Place the crabs in a bowl in which to prepare, cover with water and cook as described in the first recipe.Once they begin to turn red, drain all the broth and pour all the cucumber pickle.Bring to a boil and add a few spoonfuls of thick cream.Boil for another ten minutes, remove from heat and serve.The broth can be, if desired, to keep and can be poured.If you decide to do without it, decorate with the crayfish before serving fresh herbs.

How to cook crabs in milk?

This is probably one of the most unusual and delicious ways to surprise loved ones a new taste.It is suitable if the crayfish decided to eat just like that, and not as a snack with beer.Boil and cool milk.Soak it raw crayfish three hours.Remove the milk boil with salt and dill in the water.When ready, drain the liquid.Pour the remaining milk, bring to a boil and wait five minutes.Cancers are ready, you can carefully remove them and arrange on a serving platter.As a complement well suited mayonnaise or sour cream sauce.