Biology as a science

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Biology - the science of living nature, the laws governing it.What is studying biology?Biology as science studies the structure, origin, growth, functioning and evolution of living organisms.Biology Life Sciences.

basis of biology are 5 basic principles.This cell theory, homeostasis, genetics, evolution, and energy.

task of general biology is to identify, as well as an explanation of the processes and phenomena common to all organisms.Biology as science allows to accumulate knowledge about what is happening in the living world, store them on a variety of media and use as needed.

Biological sciences are divided by the type of the test organisms.

zoology studies animals, botany - plants and microbiology studies the single-celled microorganisms.

Inside, biology as a science is divided into the field scale studies, or the methods used.Thus, the subject of study of histology and anatomy is the structure of the body and tissues, genetics - the transmission of hereditary information, biochemistry - chemical bases of life, molecular biology - the interaction between biological molecules, physiology - chemical and physical functions of the organs, and others.

Signs of a living organism:

- has a complex internal structure;

- from any part of the body has a specific purpose, and it performs its mandated functions;

- extracts, converts and uses the energy coming from the environment, exchanges of matter and energy;

- respond to changes in the environment (the external stimulus);

- adaptability, ie the organisms adapt to their environment;

- the ability to reproduce;

-sposobnost to evolution (a change from simple to complex).

diverse world of the living, and has a complex structure.Organization of life is carried out at different levels.

  1. lowest level - molecular structures.
  2. cellular level.
  3. body - tissue level.At this level, the organisms are multicellular.
  4. whole organism.
  5. population-species level.
  6. level of ecological communities, ie communities of species that inhabit the area.
  7. biosphere.It is the totality of life on Earth.

Holistic (live) system has the following qualities:

- the unity of chemical composition;

- Openness of living systems;

- living systems - self-regulating, self-organizing, self-governing, self-reproducing system;

- volatility;

- the ability to develop and grow, that is an increase in weight and size, the emergence of new qualities and features;

- discretion and integrity.

Methods of study.

Biology for the study of living organisms uses a wide variety of methods.For example, they include:

- Monitoring.

It can detect objects and different phenomena.

- Experiment.

simulated situation in which the identified properties of the studied biological objects.

- Compare.

Allows you to set common to the laws of the various phenomena.

- historical method.

Knowledge shall be based on available data on the organic world.

To study the biological objects using different techniques.They are: computers, microscopes, chemical analyzers, ultracentrifugation, and many other appliances.

Biology as science is very important to people, as studies are carried out, let us know more about the processes and phenomena taking place in the living world, and to use this invaluable experience in everyday life, to solve global problems.Knowledge of the laws of biology can solve practical problems, for example, to provide the population with food.Agriculture and animal husbandry based on biology.Medicine can not do without the knowledge of the structure (anatomy) of the human body.