Urinary incontinence in older women: treatment and causes of

Urinary incontinence - this is a very troublesome problem at any age.It should be noted that it may occur in the elderly.Naturally, this pathology is nervous stress, reduces the self-esteem of man, makes his life uncomfortable.If doctors detect urinary incontinence in older women must be treated after a thorough examination and establish the cause of the pathology.

disease is the difficulty in controlling urination, that is, it often occurs without permission.It can appear as a result of any inflammation of the kidneys, bladder or other organs.Stress, muscle weakness, irreversible age-related changes of the urogenital system, too, can trigger incontinence.And contribute to the emergence of pathology may malfunction CNS, taking certain medications, pelvic injury, diabetes, tumors, gynecological surgery, menopause, hormonal disruptions.

Urinary incontinence in older women, the treatment of which should be mandatory, is determined not only symptoms, but clinical examination, urodynamic study, ultrasound procedure.Naturally, the patient should consult a gynecologist and to get pass all the necessary tests.

If the doctor determines urinary incontinence in older women, the treatment of which he appoints, should be complex.Conservative medical therapy involves taking certain drugs, depending on the causes of the disease.For example, if a woman is experiencing stress or nervous stress, you need to take anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants.Most often, doctors prescribe drugs such as "Oxybutynin", "Tolterodine."

If found urinary incontinence in older women, treatment may include surgery.It is carried out only if other methods do not help resolve the issue.Interference is characterized in that through a small incision in the urethra urinary canal fixed special polypropylene mesh.It should be noted that this method of treatment is not very traumatic and involves a fast recovery period.

Urinary incontinence in the elderly should be addressed not only through tablets.The patient must give up all bad habits, and customize your diet, try to go to the toilet every few hours during the day.You do not need to use too much liquid at night, although drinking regime should not be violated.

If doctors detect urinary incontinence in the elderly, the treatment may also include, and folk remedies.The simplest recipe is as follows: 1 small spoon of honey should be mixed in half a glass of warm water.This means you need to drink several times a day before meals.In addition, try to avoid the factors that can cause disease.Keep as much as possible a healthy life.