The festival of extreme sports

Ā«Urban Ekstrimfest" a platform for self-expression of youth

From late September to mid-October in Moscow, a festival of street extreme sports "Urban Ekstrimfest" organized by the training center "postulate."The event consisted of two parts: the first with considerable success in a park in Moscow, the second - two-day paintball tournament - the scene of the pension has chosen "Serednikovo" (Moscow region).

During the first part of the "Urban Ekstrimfesta" young people are introduced to the basic directions of outdoor sports: yunisayklom, Slacklining, dzholidzhampingom, skateboarding, rolerbleydingom, darts, footbag, BMX and other.Specially for the festival in the park are equipped with playgrounds, allows you to try your hand at a particular sport without risk to health and safety.It is worth noting that not disappoint and lead workshops.By age, they differed little from the main target audience, demonstrating the meantime serious level of training and professionalism.

not have to miss the festival and the female half of the audience, master classes in breakdancing, house, hip-hop, locking, and other dance styles have collected a record number of participants and spectators.

is difficult to draw a conclusion about a sport or dance eventually I won the "Urban Ekstrimfeste", which is not surprising: modern youth culture has become ever syncretic: the dance moves are similar to sports, sports - to dance.Festival organizers are pleased that they were able to erase the boundary between the modern types of expression.The boys moved from site to site trying to express their opinions, give each other advice.In the thin air of the festival soared rhythmic sounds of DJ songs, laughter, spiced with slang talk.Participants are comfortable - that there was no doubt.

Move to Moscow, the festival did not leave a chance for those who lack the courage: at the queue was paintball tournament.

Recall Paintball - a team game with the use of so-calledmarker - a form of a pneumatic gun.Marker shoot balls of paint that break on the obstacles and stained it.Paintball is a sports and tactical.There are many different scenarios for the development of the game: the square, the invader defender, capture the flag, the guerrillas, a duel, and others. The main rule of paintball - the game knocked one in one hit balls with paint.The special mask and a vest to protect players from injury.

About one hundred brave men fought for supremacy over the two days, the most active and lucky received gifts - bags and badges with symbols of the event.Good help in the festival in Moscow became a boarding house "Serednikovo."

Events like the Festival "Urban Ekstrimfest" carry a greater benefit than it seems at first glance: becoming part of modern culture, the youth throws a plain-old bad habits easily, with no desire to return to them.Success, beauty, attention of the opposite sex - that you will not find at the bottom of a bottle of beer or a pack of cigarettes.This is well understood by those who have given themselves an active lifestyle.