A premature baby - what is it, and how to care for it?

Today, many children are born prematurely, causing fears of their mothers because of their mental and physical development.However, such fears are no grounds - premature baby just needs a little more care and attention, more care, and it in no way will fall short of their full-term peers.

So what the child is considered to be premature, and how to care for it?

Today, according to statistics, premature (that is, born before 37 weeks gestation, weighing 2,500 grams and an increase of up to 45 cm) is born every tenth child.There are also kids with weight less than 1500 grams or less than one kilogram - though these are born rarely.

grow and gain weight premature infants fairly quickly (not increase 3 times as full-term babies, and 4-10 times by the age of one year), and the challenge for them is not it, and the immaturity of life-determining systems of the body - cardiovascular, respiratory and thermoregulatory.

Premature babies do not look a bit like born at term: head have a lot more legs are shorter and generally greater proportions of the body violated.Back, shoulders and cheeks often covers the fuzz, the skin is red and wrinkled, and his ears are too soft and pressed to the head.

do not need to worry, however: in the first months after birth, the proportion will be included in the rate, down disappears, and the form of ears will change - there will be a cartilaginous skeleton.Skin pale and smooth, as will be the subcutaneous fat.

still in the hospital mothers of premature babies is regularly express milk to crumbs was there when his doctors go.In this sense, the most useful breast milk, not donor or mixture: it is proved that the mother of a premature baby milk most makes development and growth of the baby than someone else's, or synthetic blend.

Because of imperfections thermoregulation premature babies easily freeze and overheat, so the body temperature of the baby should be 36,5-36,8 degrees in the room of the newborn - 22-24 degrees, and under his blanket - 28-33 degrees.

But with bathing premature rush not worth it.Babies with a weight of up to 1500 are beginning to bathe at least 3 weeks after birth, and those that weigh more - in 7-10 days.Walking with a child weighing less than 2500 g is not recommended, however, should be regularly aired his room.