The learning process - an important component of human life

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There is a saying: "You live - and learn."And even the one who tries to refute this view, unwilling to comprehend the all-new, fully aware that this training helps to gain a foothold in this world, to achieve the goals and heights.

learning process - a system that deals with the study of a special science - didactics.Among its main objectives - securing the data already on the process, and further study of its nature and driving forces.The process of learning as a holistic system - a combination of several interrelated and complementary steps.Canadian Ryerson University Professor Peter Urs Bender, studying the learning process has identified the following most important steps:

  1. desire and intention.Any training always starts with an internal push to new knowledge.If a person is willing and want to discover something new, it is easier to comprehend.The more his desire, the more he can learn.
  2. Awareness is also part of the learning process.Thinking realistically assess what is happening around, observe the movement of people around them, hear and consciously perceive what they say.Awareness - a sense of direction that helps us understand what you want or what has not yet managed to learn that from you as the individual, you may need other people.
  3. information.Through mindfulness person receives a variety of information.
  4. Action.To thoroughly understand the information received, only a little to hear it read.It is important to act - to learn, to apply the lessons learned in practice and never forget about him.
  5. final result.After going through all the stages of study, eventually people will get the following: the satisfaction of the study, the embodiment of the studied reality, desire and willingness to share their knowledge with others.

The learning process starts from the moment when a person is born.First, it is based on feelings and sounds, and then gradually becomes more complicated, allowing a small child to grow up gradually, shifting to the next step of life.Throughout his life a person is in the never-ending search for new information, interesting facts and discoveries.Interest in everything around lets take a social unit, to find his calling and to share their experiences to those who it can be useful.

Factors affecting the learning process, are very diverse.They are not only social but also political, economic.Teaching children begins in the home, and of how it is to do with it, depends on the further formation and development of man.School learning process is the most important, how well organized it is, depends on the perception of the students of the world, the study of science and the application of lessons learned in life.The school - this is the important stage of life, which gives a person the basic skills that allow her to determine the end of the occupation and to find a stimulus for life.If we talk about the political and economic factors, the learning process depends on how much attention paid to the process of the state, as well as the extent to which it deals with its financing.It is also a learning process largely depends on what kind of a person's health.As a rule, people suffering motivation for learning is sharply reduced, and the observed irregularities in the indicators such as memory, attention, concentration.Finally, an important factor in the learning process, is the property of the human spirit, because, according to Peter Urs Bender Ryerson, but the desire and commitment can give rise to knowledge.