"Cleansing the whirlwind" cleanse the aura

This visualization exercise to cleanse the entire energy field.It is better to perform at the end of the day, especially if you are communicating throughout the day with lots of people.It helps to purify the energy from the "debris", preventing their accumulation.

1. Take a comfortable position and do a gradual relaxation.It is possible to use a simple prayer or mantra.Exercise described here is only general guidelines;You yourself can adapt it to the specifics of your energy and your needs.

2. Mentally imagine at a height of about 6 meters above you formed a small vortex of pure white fire.It should look like a small tornado, consisting of spiritual fire.When he will form a funnel shape, mentally imagine that it becomes large enough to cover your entire aura.You have to imagine that the narrow end of the funnel can enter through the crown of your head and down along the vertical axis of your body.

Note: This may not be a white light, and any substance to which you are accustomed.For example, water.Just vary the color - you better know what suits you.

3. This vortex of spiritual fire must rotate and twist clockwise.When it touches your aura, imagine that he draws and burns all your accumulated energy "fragments."

4. Imagine a glimpse and feel that it moves down through your entire aura and body.Be aware that it clears your energy field from all alien energy accumulated by you during the day.

5. When it passes through your body, let this energy vortex penetrate your foot down, in the heart of the earth itself.Imagine that this vortex moves into the ground all power "fragments."Mentally release them and let through a whirlwind, watch as it is removed, sinking into the ground and soiling your slag ground for those wastes can serve your food.When the whirlwind will leave your field, imagine what he claimed, is already beginning to bear fruit elsewhere.Mentally release it, it is no longer yours.

6. Focus on your body, feel his integrity, experience the changes that occurred after this exercise.Take a deep breath and stretch.

Photo source: linkinn.com

Articles Source: obsidiancastle.at.ua