Occupational health, management and organization of work

protection at work - is the creation of workplace safety personnel of the labor process, which is based on three main positions:

- the priority of employee life and health over the results of his labor;

- compliance with the requirements of appropriate standards and the production of documents;

- promoting a culture of commitment to staff safety.

protection at work provides for the preparation, adoption and implementation of legal, organizational, social, economic, scientific, technical, medical, sanitary and preventive measures that are aimed at preserving the life of the worker's health and ability to work.

management and organization of labor protection

OSH management at the enterprise - is an integral part of the enterprise management system, which contributes to the warning from accidents (occupational diseases) and consists of a set of interrelated activities aimed at fulfillment of the requirements of lawsin the field of health and life of workers.

main goal of management is to crea

te the necessary conditions for the formation of the employees conscious attitude to safety, improvement of existing and introduction of new mechanisms in the management of health and safety.

established liaison officers who are involved in management, is defined in the job descriptions, based on the regulations, the qualifications of the directory with the exception of duplication of functions, unambiguous submission, a clear definition of duties and responsibilities, as well as a delegation of authority.

protection at work, its tasks and functions

development and implementation of measures for the implementation of occupational safety and health in the enterprise should be aimed at ensuring:

- safe, healthy and adequate working conditions;

- maintenance in a safe condition respective production equipment, facilities, utilities and buildings;

- safe conduct of technological processes;

- personnel protective equipment;

- the organization of training of each employee safe methods of process control;

- promotion of occupational safety and health;

- accounting, analysis and evaluation of operating conditions;

- compulsory insurance of personnel;

- optimal regimes of work and rest;

- sanitary and domestic service;

- the organization of therapeutic and preventive maintenance personnel.

organization of labor protection

This process includes registration, monitoring, evaluation and analysis of occupational safety at all stages of production.

Each enterprise must be planned and financed activities and improvements in the field of labor protection and improvement of the safety of the working environment.

takes an important role and the organization providing training facilities with modern means of training programs and high-quality simulator training and retraining of workers.

protection at work, and responsibility for its violation

for violation of laws on occupational safety and health, education, barriers to the activities of officials and representatives of trade unions workers responsible brought to justice in accordance with existing laws.

responsible for every accident and occupational disease that occurred in the workplace, are officials who do not enforce the rules of occupational health and to take appropriate measures for the prevention of occupational accidents and poisoning, as well as those directly violated the rules.