Silicone plumbing: how to apply and why

Those who engaged in self-installing plumbing, no experience, they know how hard it is to deal with such elements as water.She kept somewhere drips, whistles or runs.Previously, for sealing, for example, cracks sewer pipes in the home used rags and cement.Swathes of cloth and pipe joints liberally daubed them with a solution.It was dirty and sometimes inefficient method of removing leakage.

But progress does not stand still, there is now a better way to do the job, even an inexperienced person and help in the sanitary silicone sealer.

What is

itself sealant paste consistency similar to tooth, usually sold in plastic tubes with capacity from 280 to 310 ml.Tuba has a long nose with a cap.Its shape is specially made for mounting a gun, wherein the trigger is pulled there is a movement of the piston and can easily be extruded silicone sealant for sanitary works through the spout tube.

This hull design makes it easy to get to hard to reach places, and gently apply a layer of sealant on the slot.Upon completion of work the nozzle capped and stored for a long time.

For small quantities, for example, when you need to seal the small problem areas, sanitary silicone sealant used in tubes of aluminum.

sealants are also still in the file packages, but they are used less often, mostly professionals paired with a special gun.

Sealant should be stored at room temperature to 30 ° C.This packaging should be sealed.It is forbidden to pour the sealant into another container and store more than 2 years.


silicone sealant rather complicated chemical composition of the substance.To make it apply components:

  • The basis is a silicone rubber.
  • To give added strength enhancer.
  • color gives a filler.
  • to viscosity and elasticity applied vulcanizer.
  • reliable contact with the surface provides adhesion primer.
  • used to improve the elasticity of the silicone softener.

Silicone sealants are divided into acidic (or "vinegar" because of the characteristic odor) and neutral, depending upon the constituents vulcanizer.Neutral sealants are amine, amide, alcohol and oxime.

functional properties of the sealant depends on its composition and components.For example, acidic sealants forbidden to use aluminum, cement-metal and marble.For a neutral sealant are no such restrictions.

Where applicable

Sanitary silicone sealants are used mainly in areas with high humidity (toilet, bath and kitchen) for filling and sealing joints between the wall and the sink, bathtub, sink, toilet and other sanitary equipment.Also, sanitary silicone sealant used on the joints transparent plumbing pipes of low pressure, such as sewage, plums and so on.He also is well suited for tubs and sinks are not white for sealing joints.Sometimes they fill the space between the glass and wood, for example, windows or doors.

for repairs at home more frequently used one-component sealant.They cure by moisture in the air.In industrial applications have spread two-component sealants.Their second name - "silicone compounds."Such material is solidified by mixing with the catalyst.

advantages of silicone sealant

use of silicone sealant has a number of advantages:

1) After the application and smoothing it turns smooth matte surface, sometimes imperceptibly.For example, silicone sealant sanitary visually merges with the white ceramic sinks and tubs white.

2) has a long service life.

3) has a water-repellent properties.

4) withstand short-term temperature from -50 ° C to 150 ° C.

5) Special additives included in the composition, prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

6) A high level of adhesion, i.e. firmly fasten with a material that is sealed.

Features of

before use to clean the surface from dust and dirt, and then degrease it.To get the most smooth seam, you need to stick masking tape.

After sanitary silicone sealant is applied, it gently with a spatula until a smooth, level surface.Strongly finger can not do so as it can cause chemical burns and allergies.After a twenty-minute exposure to correct solution can not be, because the material changes its properties, the compound can get unstable.Also in the works stand out harmful gases, so it is advisable to ensure good ventilation of the workplace.

Use silicone sealant with acrylic baths and showers is highly undesirable, as it leads to deterioration of the surface of the latter.

Before use, be sure to read the recommendations for use and follow them, and all the necessary work.

Conclusion Having considered all the benefits of this remarkable material, we can not say that it is indeed an indispensable thing when working in areas where running water.We would like to mention the silicone sealant sanitary "Moment", which is characterized by its versatility and high quality for a reasonable price.With this once-quality sealant unpleasant work - puttying cracks and leaks - can become a pastime in the accomplishment of their native homes.