Icon of a family - a sacred talisman for a happy life

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the icons - images of saints, the Lord and his mother - in most people special, reverent attitude.There often is itself independently believer in contact with them or not.This is due to a special energy, which emits a particular pictorial image.In Russia, has long been a tradition to have icons, handed down from generation to generation members of one family, one genus.

family icon - the concept of multi-valued.It could be an image, which are in the family of several generations, are like amulets kind defenders its representatives.Inherits this icon usually eldest child in the family.Or it is passed through the female line.Or the remains of one of the males - names a successor.This icon of the family can bear the image of St. Nicholas, the face of the Mother of God or the Savior, and so on. D. She has parents bless the bride and groom for a long and happy marriage.Praying before the image of someone from the family gets healed or other essential support.Over time, the icon becomes a family heirloom that same, which helps to maintain peace and harmony in the home between husbands and wives, children and parents, ancestral memory of ancestors - grandfathers and great-grandfathers.Hence the attitude toward her as a precious relic.A loss it is perceived as a fatal omen of future troubles for the whole family.

has another meaning, the term "icon of the family."So called image painted by the master craftsman and representing all the saints who protect members of the family.In Orthodoxy, they are called "holy tezoimenitye."And the more people in the family, the greater the number of saints in the icon can be seen.Moreover, it can be represented by guardian angels grandparents, who are no longer alive.For what purpose is it done?This image has tremendous power, t. To. Christian egregore connected to the plurality of "sensors".It unites the whole family, helping to resolve conflicts and disputes.The old image, the more sacred meaning it acquires.And the icon itself to family well-being is extremely important.The peculiarity of it is that before this color "picture" people pray not only for ourselves, for the favorable resolution of their own needs, but also for their families, their health, well-being and happiness.Because the head of the image of the artist painted a Savior blessing the congregation, or the Mother of God with a cover that protects its children.There are many other variants of the composition of family icons.

Keeper our hearth

But what if you do not have an image, transmitted by inheritance, and would like to have your home ward?More icons have family there?Firstly, with St. Nicholas, the Mother of God of Kazan with the Child, as well as Christ himself.That they are given parental blessing, they symbolize the harmony of family relationships, loyalty and peace.Virgin personifies the lady of the house, the Saviour - the owner, baby - their children.The icon of the Iberian Mother of God also belongs to the category of family, very strong and substantial, miraculous.This image helps those who ask for love, a happy marriage, he is in search of its halves.

also recommended to have a family image of the Holy Trinity, Seven Arrows, Troeruchnitsy "Softener of Evil Hearts", "Mother of God Fadeless color."The first two usually hung over the front door and in front of them.They protect the house and its inhabitants from evil and abomination.Before the last prayers for the preservation of the family, especially when the couple are on the verge of divorce.It is desirable to have an image of the Mother of God the healer and to physical and moral health of the family was at the proper level.She asked that a particular case ended happily begun.

general in Russia about 100 icons that can be used as a family, to defend with their help the welfare of his family.