Spiritual Help and Support: icon Matrona of Moscow

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Among the rather large number of Orthodox saints, whom the faithful worship and not just have a few very special individuals.Their spiritual struggle is so great that during the life of these people were given the unique divine power to help those who suffer.And after their physical death, is already embodied in the spirit, they continue to hear the people's prayers and stretch us to the invisible hand of support.It was such a wonderful person is Matrona Nikonov, a native of the village of Sebino, which once was in the province of Tula.True, it is better known under another name - Mother Matrona, Matrona of Moscow or

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icon Matrona of Moscow is in almost every church, monastery, in many rural homes and city apartments.Every day, thousands of prayers turn to her, and in each - a huge hope for a miracle, help, blessing and support.Life of Matrona of Moscow tells the story of the fate of this amazing woman.

If we assume the truth that the Lord says that person a special sign before his birth, the case with Matryona is that the most obvious example.At her mother had a prophetic dream - to her chest sat a bird, a beautiful appearance, but blind.And then the family Nikonov was born a girl, whose eyes were deprived of life.The mercy of God is manifested in the fact that, without seeing the light of day, the child had unusually sharp inner, spiritual vision.She felt understood, assessed as sinful human actions, and righteous.And all her life, full of hardship, persecution of their own diseases and infinite compassion for the people, is regarded as a penance, a feat in the name of faith and charity.Because, as she struck a serious illness, almost stationary (paralysis overtook her in adulthood), due piety and indestructible, conscious faith in God, constant prayer, fasting, staying on a spiritual quest, a woman could cure hopeless patients, to support those who have fallenspirit, to anticipate certain events.

to her mind's eye was no spatial boundaries, and she, like the Holy Spirit, sitting on the bed in his room, was with the soldiers at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, preserving their lives.Those who have suffered for their faith in the chambers of the NKVD, disappeared in the Gulag, it supported the will, the power of life.It is hard to overestimate the tremendous moral influence exerted by the woman in the thousands.And after his death, she is currently predicted, and each icon of St. Matrona of Moscow has the same miraculous properties.Mother Matrona announced to all who mourned her death to come to her with their needs, problems, troubles just as if it were there.At the grave of her before the icon or shared all sore.Holy promised that everyone will hear and try to help, will intercede before the face of God.

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promise was kept.May 2 Church celebrates the Day of the Great and the seer, healer and Consolazione.Icon Matrona of Moscow in the monastery in which she was buried, as well as a modest grave, turned into a place of endless pilgrimage.What people do not only please contact us!Someone lost a child or someone from the family and they are asked to submit news about him to help track down.Pray for the sick - the health.Women deprived of motherhood happiness, pray bestow them to conceive and bear a baby.

Hears icon Matrona of Moscow and requests for resolving family conflicts, the elimination of discord between spouses, lack of understanding between parents and children.A happy personal life device.The fact that praying can get a decent job to support his family.But you never know what you may need us, you never know what deadlock can we be!And often it is the icon Matrona of Moscow becomes the very straw that gives hope and prevents us from drowning in the depths of despair.