Breeding sturgeon at home as a business: where to start?

Today, nobody is surprised this kind of business as the breeding of ornamental fish for aquariums.But many are not even aware that the home can create a real rybovedcheskuyu farm.Do not be surprised, as this is feasible.The most ideal option - it is the breeding of sturgeon.In addition tasty fish on the table is also high quality eggs.In addition, she is the true symbol of prosperity.Thus, the cultivation of sturgeon to begin?

business benefits

By sturgeon are not just the Siberian and Russian sturgeon and sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon.If you decide to start a business in this sphere, do not worry - it's not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.To implement his plan, you can even in his own apartment.It also is the first advantage of this type of activity.Among other advantages we should mention the following:

  1. Caviar and fish meat - the market is very valuable food.Demand for such products is growing daily.
  2. Sturgeon - this is a family, whose members carry any great temperature changes or demanding conditions of detention.
  3. fish to get enough to eat, does not require any special knowledge or big expenses.
  4. to start a business requires a small start-up capital.

As you can see, the breeding of sturgeons at home as a business has many advantages.

Where better to raise fish

Breeding sturgeon is possible and in a city apartment, and in a country house.This does not affect the quality of the final product, of course, if you're doing the right thing.To breeding of sturgeons at home proceeded without any problems, you should prepare a room of 30 square meters.It should be spacious and free.

room, where you will grow the fish should be well heated.This is especially true in the winter.At this time of the year sturgeon for normal growth is necessary to create normal conditions.The water temperature should not fall below 17 ° C, and in the warmer this figure should be 20-24 ° C.If you do not have space, do not hurry to get upset.For the cultivation of sturgeon can use greenhouses made of polycarbonate.They can accommodate a swimming pool and heating equipment.

Where will live fry

buy all the necessary equipment can be from the manufacturer.However, note that you can do it in a decent amount.But the equipment is completely ready to use.In addition, specialists will install it.If the breeding of sturgeon in the home is a kind of hobby, income-generating, you can go a little bit different way.

equipment for cultivation of fish can be made independently.After all sturgeon can live well and multiply in non-specialized vessels.For the manufacture of the equipment you'll need a small plastic pool depth of not more than one meter in diameter and 2 to 3 meters.If the area of ​​the room allows, you can use a large size container.This pool can grow at about a ton of fish a year.At the same time you do it all yourself.This will save on hiring and other expenses.

The pool equip

sturgeon cultivation in the home - is not such a difficult thing.If the correct approach to the arrangement of the pool, such a business will generate a decent income.The pool must be installed aeration and special filters and compressors.Yet you need to pump.After all, the pool will need to be cleaned.To breeding of sturgeon has been successful, you need to install an automatic feeder.Of course, you can do without it.However, the main advantage of this equipment is that you can liberate yourself a little time.If you decide to save money, then you have to feed the fish by hand.

Choose the pump and the compressor must be carefully.Pay special attention to the fact that such equipment should not be at the maximum of the whole issue.Before buying, calculate what you need power.Based on this and choose equipment.Otherwise, all the equipment will become worthless very quickly, and it will have to replace a new one.

buy fry

sturgeon breeding begins with the purchase of fingerlings.Recently, a lot of fish farms, which are engaged in cultivation of various species of fish.Buy you can fry there.But do not buy the first caught the eye.Family sturgeon big enough.It allows you to buy the kind of fish that will be unpretentious care.

It is worth and the opinion of experts.They tell you how to distinguish between low-quality fingerlings.By the purchase of calves is approached with great responsibility.It depends on the success of your company.Remember that low-quality fry will grow slowly.It is possible that they will get sick often.

choose the right food

breeding of sturgeon in the home - a simple process if you follow all the rules.Special attention should be given the choice of food.In this regard, there are several features.Keep in mind that the representatives of the sturgeon feed exclusively from the bottom.Therefore buy only the food that sink in water and do not float on the surface.Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that the sturgeon is well developed sense of smell.It is this sense they are guided in choosing food.Therefore, the product that you are going to feed the fish, must have a pleasant aroma to them.

Food should not be destroyed by water.This is one rule that must be observed, as the sturgeon not swallow food whole, and absorb it gradually.The feed must withstand moisture for at least 30 minutes of sturgeon breeding in the home to many may seem rather complicated.But in fact it is not.Feed for this species of fish should be soft, so it will eat sturgeon.If you want to fry quickly turned into a big fish, their food must be not only delicious, but also a high-calorie.When choosing, consider the food and the size of the sturgeon.If the fish are small, even pieces of food should be small.

Ingredients for sturgeon

Food for these fish can be quite different.But experts recommend the use of products, part of which are phosphorus, lysine, fat, protein, fiber.This is the most useful food for sturgeon.

How to breed fish in the pond

growing sturgeon in a private home or apartment has some drawbacks.For example, a limited area, the maintenance of a certain temperature, and more.Much easier to grow fish in the pond.Waters, you can use a ready-made.If it's not, you have to create it.Old fry pond before starting to clear.If you create your own pond, you should hold liming.To do this, place the bottom of a small layer of lime and pour enough water and rinse.The same procedure is carried out for about a few weeks before the launch of the fry.

bottom of the pond is best done in the form of a bowl.Of course, do not forget about the appropriate fauna and flora.The pond should be worms, a variety of green manure, reeds, seaweed.If you wish, you can put into the pond shellfish.It is useful to be ordinary insects that serve as additional food.Run into the pond fry is better in the summer.

In conclusion

As you can see, the breeding of sturgeon in the pond - it advantageous.You do not need to take a separate room, to buy expensive equipment.The only thing that is required - is to choose the right food.In general, the cultivation of sturgeon brings a good income.