Adult Baptism: Why and How

How is it that often need the baptism of an adult, because children are baptized in Orthodoxy immediately after birth, in infancy?To do this, you need to remember the history of the country, because in Soviet times took place active attack on the church, and many who could not be baptized or to baptize their children.Now, when it became possible, most people want to catch up.Another group of people who are baptized as adults, are Protestants.In their understanding of infant baptism - the choice of the parents, not the child.Therefore, a person should be baptized adult who made this choice consciously.

What precedes baptism

They say the ministers of the church, the baptism of an adult should not be a mere formality for him.Man must come to this consciously, to realize that already as a true Christian, he would have to live by the laws of faith to fulfill all the necessary requirements, dogmas, etc.First of all, the person needs to talk to the priest, explain your situation and desire.Then the priest can offer him hold catechetical talks, which are designed specifically for those who want to be baptized.You also need to read spiritual literature, although much depends on your willingness to be baptized.But all this is only auxiliary factors, the most important - is the true desire of the person who is not a tribute to fashion or something similar.

Baptized adult

dwell on this important point.Baptism adult different from the usual.Due to its age a person can pronounce itself on the desired word baptism, he understands and is aware of their actions, respectively, can do without godparents, who do everything instead of babies.If you will be baptized an adult, you need to do this?Since we must take a pectoral cross (no matter how expensive) jacket for baptism, a large white sheet and slippers.The priest holds the necessary ritual, a man's head three times washed or immersed in the baptismal font.During the rite man holding a lighted candle, and then on his forehead with oil drawn cross.

Baptism Protestants

already indicated at the beginning of the article is clear reasons why Protestants accepted baptism is an adult.At the same ceremony itself can be carried out in different ways.One must plunge into the water completely in a special pool or river.Some believe that it should be exclusively open water.Another well enough, as in Orthodoxy, just sprinkle your head with water.Baptism in a reservoir can also take place in different ways: some clergy man dipped once more - three.More may vary and dip: face up or face down.According to some Protestants, these differences are not very much significant, while others piously believe that only their opinion is correct.Protestant baptism, as well as Orthodox, should dress in white clothing.