Cold welding of plastic and metal

C various injuries plastic or metal products faced in his life almost everything.Many simply changed this or that detail, but not everyone has the opportunity to in an emergency to replace the whole unit.For example, when the battery leakage should not buy new when you can just make it.And if you can not call a welder?For such cases, there is a special glue.People call it simply: cold welding for plastic and metal.

What is cold welding?

is one of the ways to connect components of different materials without heating at room temperature or even negative.To use just enough to put the tool on the mating surfaces, and then create the pressure and wait.The result is a virtually monolithic high strength and connection.

Cold welding can be applied to metal products, and for the various polymer components.For example, it is possible to glue adhesive various metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, silver, iron and other.This adhesive is suitable and is indispensable in the case of necessity of joining dissimilar materials.For example, for cold welding of plastic connects perfectly plastic pipes without soldering.

What it is?

The basis of this glue is a special epoxy resin.Most of the products sold in our stores is a two-component basis.To glue was effective, the use of resin alone is not enough.Therefore, a so-called hardener.If the two components are mixed, such a glue quickly find a remarkably solid.This property should be in its basis.

epoxy resin itself does not have the strength.She is very bad withstand various loads, so manufacturers use together with a resin called a plasticizer.It should improve its elasticity.Filler is needed in order to give the composition of the special properties such as thermal conductivity, termoemkost and abrasiveness.In order to cold welding for plastics could have these characteristics, add elements based on metal.Sometimes

commercially can be found already completely ready to use mixture, and sometimes glue and hardener be mixed manually in compliance with precise dosing.

The main advantage is that for such a bonding items do not need any further action.You can get a quality connection without the use of presses, electrical appliances, or professional help in these works.

adhesive plastic

connection process by welding parts have become indispensable in human life.The adhesive method of connection, which is not inferior in strength welding work - a real technological breakthrough.It does not require large cash investments and a long time to work.

Clay (cold welding) for plastic - an inexpensive and easy way to connect a variety of quality items without heat.The compound comes from the chemical processes that occur in contact plastic and adhesive.

This technology allows not to violate the properties of connected materials.This is relevant when connecting different electrical wires and the insulation.Thanks to this method, you can safely perform work.

This connection method is widely used in various technical and industrial applications, in the construction work and, of course, in everyday life.Cold welding of plastic - a unique and versatile product.Another advantage of it - no wastes.

With this method you can get a good seal for the enclosure.Motorists find it very useful.

which uses cold welding?

for plastic products there is a separate species of such compounds.The main scope of use:

  • repair putty or bumpers in cars.
  • Repair household items.
  • Strong mix of different plastics.
  • Repair of different devices or parts.
  • Restoration work with plastic pipes.

Cold welding for plastic: instructions for use

Typically, instructions for use of these funds is indicated on the packaging.Manufacturers describe how to use the tool, what safety rules should be observed when working with the product.But let's see how to use this glue.

First of all you need to prepare the surface that you want to connect.For this it is necessary to treat them with sandpaper.The following degrease the bonding surfaces.For this fit alcohol or any other alcohol-containing liquid.Degreasing process - a very important procedure.Now you need to find the right size piece of bonding material.Then you need to stretch a piece of adhesive in the fingers.You need to wear gloves, the fingers should be pre-wetted.You understand that the adhesive is ready when it will remind clay.

Then we put the substance in the parts to be joined, and then secure them with clamps.If you have to connect a pipe, then you will need a special harness.Once the agent has hardened, and it requires about an hour of time with him, you can do anything, even to drill and tap.For example, cold welding for plastics "Titan" provides a particularly strong connection not only from different plastics materials.


All work must be carried out with the appropriate level of security.The use of such substances can be harmful to your health, if you use them correctly.You can not allow the mixture to the skin or eyes.Do not leave the vehicle in the sun.The work must be carried out with glasses and gloves.

Cold welding of plastics: reviews

Let's see what they say about that glue the real people who tried out on himself all his dignity.Many of them - motorists, owners of motorcycles, bicycles and ordinary people, who urgently need something to fix.

Many write that regularly use this glue.Reviews say that it is the easiest and most inexpensive way to repair the leaking pipe, means for sealing the crankcase or gas tank in your car.Also, many with the help of cold welding could fix the plastic plumbing.


turns out that the cold welding for plastic - really inexpensive, reliable and versatile way to seal and create a lasting connection details from a variety of materials.