How to bake mackerel in foil: simple recipes

Baked mackerel is one of the most simple and tasty dishes.In recent years, buy this fish is not too difficult.It is sold in frozen form in almost every shop and supermarket, and ingredients for cooking are relatively inexpensive.That is why mackerel baked in foil can almost anyone.


need for food:

- mackerel - 2 pcs .;

- salt;

- black pepper;

- basil;

- garlic powder;

- Lemon - 1 pc .;

- egg - 1 pc .;

- vegetable oil - 150 ml;

- Potatoes - 1 kg;

- onions - 2 pcs.

Preparing fish

Before mackerel baked in foil, it should be thawed and thoroughly cleaned.Then the fish gutting and properly cleaned from the inside.Particular attention should be given a black film.It has a peculiar smell, and can ruin the dish.

Sauce This sauce is just perfect for this fish, and does not change its own flavor.For its preparation is necessary with the help of a blender to whip egg with vegetable oil.So get homemade mayonnaise, which blends perfectly with dishes like mackerel in foil with potatoes.

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Then the finished sauce add salt, pepper, basil, garlic powder and lemon juice.All components are thoroughly mixed and allowed to brew for about thirty minutes.

marinade and laying

When the sauce is cooked, they carefully rub the fish, it is allowed to stand for about an hour.Then, to bake mackerel in foil with potatoes, but to get evenly cooked dish, you must do the right styling.

first spread a sheet of foil.On it lay out the potatoes, which cut into thin circles.It put the chopped onion rings, and the entire resulting vegetable pie prisalivaem and pepper.Then he laid out the fish, which is filled with the remains of the sauce.After that the foil wrap and place in the oven, preheated to 160 degrees.

Baking in the oven the fish is ready for about thirty minutes, but if you use charcoal fire, then this process will take about forty minutes.If the will to prepare mackerel in foil in aerogrill, you may need about an hour.However, some cooks prefer to serve this dish a little fried.Therefore, they are for ten minutes before the break the foil, allowing the formed golden brown.It is worth noting that the dish cooked on a fire do not open until all the preparation, as cooling down the embers will not be able to give a sufficient temperature for the fish, "reached".


One of the main features of this fish is that after cooling it changes its taste.That is why it is served to the table hot as a main dish for a white wine.If left mackerel after the banquet, then the next day it looks great as a snack for stronger drinks.That is why, before you bake mackerel in foil, it is necessary to decide in what form to file it.This will help to calculate the time to prepare, and will allow to properly prepare the pitch.