How to choose a tent-tent for garden

Cottagers, who want to equip your site with maximum comfort, definitely worth a buy tent-tent for garden or gazebo tent.Are these designs are not too expensive, and the use of them in a sunny or rainy day can be enormous.What to consider when selecting such equipment?

When buying in the first place is to determine the order in which cases will be used in construction.Very convenient, for example, can be a tent-tent to give attachment type.This design differs extraordinary simplicity of installation and can be used not only in the country site, but also on the nature - the river or in the woods.You can also choose a tent, gazebo for the cottages, featuring a large capacity.It is set in the country, at the same time if there is resting a lot of people.Such designs may be equipped windows, doors and even walls.

There is another type of tent-tent for questioning - a model for events.She has a very large and can be very useful during any celebration, say, a wedding or anniversary.However, such constructions are quite expensive.Therefore, daily use is better to install a stationary arbor.It will cost about the same amount as the big tent-tent for the cottages, but the serve, of course, much longer.

Currently available such structures using various materials.From the fact that it is made of the model will depend on what, from any adverse factors it will protect.Tents, gazebos, marquees for garden can be used as a barrier for rain or sun or as a universal model.

often for the manufacture of such structures used polyester.This material perfectly protects the interior of the gazebo from mosquitoes, sun and wind.There is such a tent-tent to give fairly inexpensive.If the owners want to protect the structure from rain, should buy a model made of polyethylene.Moisture this material does not pass at all.However, on a hot day in the arbor or under half of the awning type greenhouse effect occurs, and hence there will be uncomfortable to a vacation.

deemed most convenient design made of PVC fabric.They are remarkable interior space and protect from rain and from the sun.Cost-like canopy tent to testify be quite expensive.But despite this, these models are considered to be currently the most popular.

When purchasing an awning or pergola to give should also look at the carcass structure.In a conventional wall-mounted equipment, this piece has a light weight and reliability are not too big.In the tent-gazebo can be used and more robust, and, consequently, a heavy frame.Very beautiful and durable, for example, forged model.But, of course, this garden furniture will cost dearly.In any case when buying a tent-tent should pay attention to the strength and stability of the frame.After all of this depends on how reliable the equipment will withstand the wind.

In our time, is easy to buy a tent-tent to give inexpensive.Such models are quite popular and easy to install.However, the more expensive the equipment is, of course, there will be more reliable, and comfortable, and durable.