How to cook a cake at home?

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How to cook a cake at home?Better to have two proven recipe - just in case, when the time you have very little, and the one where you can completely surrender to experiment in the kitchen.Before you cook a cake at home, it is better to evaluate labor and prepare in advance.Then you will be able to enjoy the process of cooking, and do not be nervous and do not rush.

How to make a cake at home - chocolate and cream

essence of this masterpiece of delicious sweet and rich shortcakes as well as in combination of two kinds of cream, one of which will serve as a decoration, and the second you Impregnated basis.This simple technique will also help original decorate a cake.Buy a good butter for cakes - it required two hundred and twenty grams.In this recipe, it is introduced into the dough by the original technology resembling cooking cupcakes.It is not necessary to melt or whisking, and just need to add to the dry mixture of cocoa and flour just before how to cook a cake at home.This technology is similar to the way make the dough for savory minced pies.After mixing the oil with dry food he will need to grind into crumbs - this is best done with gloved hands (to butter would not melt from the heat of the fingers) or silicone spatula.Then, the dough will need to make with the help of two hundred grams of boiling water.You can take instead strong coffee (it will give an additional flavor of the cake).First cream will need to put in the refrigerator for four hours so it thickens.

So, start baking cakes: two hundred grams of sour cream, beat with a hundred grams of cocoa and three eggs.Separately connect the two hundred and seventy grams of flour with baking powder, salt and baking soda.According to the above technology grind the mixture with butter crumbs to the state.Add sour cream mixture and beat for some time.Pour hundred grams of boiling water, stir.Divide into three equal parts, bake cakes.For the first - light - cream have to beat the cream cheese with the highest fat cream and sugar, give it brew for a few hours.Then smeared cakes.For the second cream mix cream cheese with sugar and cocoa.Decorate cakes with two kinds of cream, put in the refrigerator.Now you know how to cook a cake in the home, it remains only to decorate it with chocolate chips and nuts.You can sprinkle with coconut flakes, top it with a cocktail cherry.

Quick cake at home

Make a liquid mixture in a water bath of two eggs, cups of sugar, a quarter cup of milk and three tablespoons of honey, soda and fifty grams of margarine.When it begins to boil, remove from heat and add two or two and a half cups of flour.Knead, divide into cakes, Bake, cool and coat with your favorite cream.You can make a brew two cups of milk, cup of sugar, a spoon of starch and two tablespoons of flour.This mixture should boil and cook.After cooling to drive in it, three hundred grams of butter and vanilla.