How and where to learn to dance

Many envy professional dancers and people who are able to simply move gracefully to the music.and therefore starting to think about where to learn to dance.There are several possible solutions to this problem, and everyone chooses the most appropriate.

The first option - to join the dance school or studio.This is the most optimal way, as in this case, you can learn to dance under the supervision of a professional choreographer, and group sessions - to compare their achievements with other people that give you an extra incentive to improve.Currently, there are many dance studios to suit every taste and budget - you need only select the appropriate one.You also need to decide with the style in which you want to learn to dance.It also depends on your preferences.

But there are times when you can not attend the dance studio.For example, if you have a busy schedule, lack of funds or just shy of others.Then you can try to learn to dance at home.Such a method has its pros and cons.The latter include t

he fact that you will need extraordinary willpower to organize their own learning.And what you will not hear the opinions from the outside, so will have to rely only on their own.But the pros far more - it saves time and money, and the ability to determine its own way of training, and there is no need to leave the house, and comfortable environment ... You can search for videos, and you can try to intuitively improvise music.The second way is not available to everyone, but it gives a good experience in improvisation.The only bad thing is that there is nobody at home schooling will show you your mistakes.

This way of learning how to dance in a club is chosen, as a rule, those who do not want to waste your time on boring.There are two variants of this training.Either free improvisation, as well as at home exercises or monitoring of other dancers and reliance on their favorite movement.As a rule, few people in the clubs dancing professionally, so that you'll feel on equal terms with the majority that promotes emancipation.After all, it is - the foundation of any dance, regardless of its style and the places where you learn.

Dance - is, first and foremost, the energy and music.This is his meaning and his philosophy.Only when you find yourself in the energy that can throw, and the music that you like, you'll be ready to dance.Different exercises, of course, you will learn to feel your body and manipulate it at will, but that is technology.And in a sense it is important to dance.Perhaps it will come to you in the learning process, perhaps it already exists within you and is ready to break out.Remember that the most important thing - to learn to feel the dance, and then you will succeed.Believe in yourself and do not be afraid of new beginnings.After all, they lead to the most spectacular victories.Start the dance and feel like a new person!