How to choose a children's carpet?

Carpeted Floor to floor finishes is convenient because it has a pleasant, soft and warm texture, which creates additional comfort in the room.That is why the most used carpet in the bedroom and kiddies room.The soft, damping steps and absorbs noise floor is particularly suitable for children.It is very convenient when the baby sleeps (is completely inaudible to go around the room), as well as when the baby or kids playing, undertaking noisy fuss with jumping and running around, because this floor is not only drowns out unwanted noise, but also saves you from injuries in the fall,and it's just nice to play.

Given the intended use of soft coating, many manufacturers produce children carpet, different from the usual not only the composition and method of production as bright special colors.For example, it depict cartoon characters or, more interesting and original, playing cards with walkways, streets and houses.See, choose and buy it can be in specialized stores finishing flooring materials.Carpet made of two types: woven, which is similar to this rug is woven on the machine, and nonwoven - created with the help of modern technology, allowing tight stitch or prokleivat piled yarns finished fabric.Woven carpet, due to the traditional method of production, made of natural wool or silk, which increases not only the cost but also durability.In the manufacture of nonwoven materials often use synthetic fibers - nylon, polyamide, vinyl.The denser the structure of the web, the more durable is the floor.Therefore, when choosing a carpet, be sure to find its density (it is specified by the manufacturer on the roll).

Oddly, we would surround the baby all the best and most natural, but the children's best to choose a carpet made of synthetics.Such a floor, no doubt, will have a number of essential advantages.First of all, a good synthetic (nylon, polyamide) does not cause allergies, it is less accumulated dust and dirt, especially if you choose a children carpet with a small pile.Nylon is easy to clean, dries quickly, it does not get turned dust mites and other micro-organisms.In short, the qualities that are desirable for the floor in the nursery, it is inherent in synthetic materials.Thinking

color scheme of the room for the baby, pay attention to the carpet with a children's drawing.Such a floor, no doubt, will not only decorate the room, but also bring him an additional game element.Just keep in mind that bright children carpet with a particular pattern quickly get bored, baby "grow" a floor, which would require replacement of the coating, but maybe it's for the better, because Pile fabrics accumulates a certain amount of dust, which is difficult to remove completely.

carpet in the nursery (photos for example given in the article) is not necessary to choose a pattern with cars, images of cartoon characters, etc.It will approach the material more muted colors, abstract, floral or geometric designs.Such a floor is more versatile and will appeal not only to the inhabitants of a small room, but older children.Choosing flooring in the nursery, should focus not on the color and pattern, and the quality and composition of the material from which it is made, but forget about the coloring is also not worth it.