How to find a person "Instagrame": tips for different situations

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In the last few years, "Instagram" has become the favorite social network townsfolk eager to feel a little bit of photographers and share their creations with friends and the rest of the world.Someone uses this service for a long time and has already managed to collect an impressive amount of subscribers and followers.But there are those who only recently was able to appreciate the charm of fotosotsseti.They somehow just not enough any audience or those for whom it would be interesting to follow.What to do?To begin with - to look for someone to zafollovit.There are several ways on how to find a person in the "Instagrame."It all depends on the situation - do you know him personally, he is there among your friends in "facebook" or "VKontakte" Do you know his nickname or real name.We consider separately each of the options.

Looking friends

first thing to think about any person registered in the new social network - it's about finding your friends.With it, we'll start.Surely contacts know you have not only on your phone, but also on popular services such as "facebook" and "VKontakte".How to find a person "Instagrame" if you have friends in these networks?To do this, use the following simple algorithm:

  1. Go to your profile to Instagram, go to the settings menu (cog in the upper right corner).
  2. you will see the item "Find and invite friends", click on it.
  3. Now you need to choose where you will look for his comrades.For this is the "Friends of VKontakte" and "Friends with Facebook".Press desired.
  4. opens the appropriate application, where you will need to confirm their connection to the chosen social network.Then you will see there all users (including your friends), who tied their profile to "Instagramu."
  5. Select from the list of those who want zafollovit.

As a result of these simple actions the news of these people will appear in your news section.Search people "Instagrame" in their profiles in other social networks - the most convenient and effective.However, this possibility is not always available (for example, one is not bound to his Instagram page or not at all on these resources).In this case, you can try the following search option.

Search by nick name or

Suppose you know that there really is a specific person in the "Instagrame" but using the above method to find it is impossible.If you are looking for a man, so you know his real name / alias and perhaps a nickname.As in the "Instagram" to find a person by name?

For this purpose there is a special tool, which is called - "Search names and user names."At the prompt, type the appropriate name / name of the person and the alleged nickname.It is necessary to try different spellings, as well as Russian, and English.So the chances of success will be greater.If you find the person failed zafollovit it is not difficult - just a click in her profile "Subscribe" button (it will turn green).

Other options

Unfortunately, sometimes neither the first nor the second search method is not working.Perhaps someone uses an alias for the resource and the data known to you to find it is simply impossible.How to find a person "Instagrame" in this case?To do this, of course, difficult, but worth a try.

Surely you know someone from his circle of friends, and you can easily reach the profile of this person.Rather, he was signed to the desired person or is among those for whom she "should".If so, then consider yourself lucky.Look at the list of its subscribers and followers.Perhaps one of them you find the one you were looking for.

There is another option.It is more rare, but it should not be ruled out when no other threads of.If your phone has contact details for the person you just can not find other ways to try to take advantage of them.For this purpose, "Instagrame" is a function of "My contacts".With it, a man will look at when he scored in the address book of your phone data to Instagram.The probability is small, but it is.

search without registration

All of the above options are suitable if you are registered in the "Instagram".Find a person without registration much more difficult.Immediately should warn you that the search function will not be able to take advantage of.Today, there are a number of sites offering such a service, but it is better not to resort to their help.Often they do that redirect users to other resources they collect personal information, or may infect your device.What to do?

only option - to find out the nickname, which is used by people in "Instagrame."Then you will enter in the address bar"ник user "and enjoy watching his profile.How to learn it?Guess.Ask friends and acquaintances.In any case, if you are from some famous person, then at least one of his contacts to get real.And then there is just to ask him this question personally.


If you are new to Instagram, the first and main task - to build up contacts.The proposed article tips on how to find a person in the "Instagrame" will help you in this matter.Expand the list of your subscriptions, and soon you will begin to appear more and more of his followers.Good luck!