"Failed to properly load your profile ."What to do if you can not boot the profile of Google Chrome or Firefox?

Do not panic if you encounter an error "unable to properly load your profile."Reinstall Google Chrome browser is also not advisable, because the situation will not change.What you need to do, you are curious.Output actually exists, in fact, several of them.

How to properly load your profile: the first way to start

close your browser.After that, we need to ask the system to display hidden folders
.For this purpose, we start the "Service", then go to "Folder Options", pay attention to the "View" and set the task of "Show hidden files" (when the problem is with the browser will be solved, can spend the reverse procedure for the parameters folders to restore their usual form).Then we need to get to a folder called User Data.It will have to go a long way: go to disk C, open the folder Users, after switching to the directory with the user name, then we are interested in the folder AppData, then Local, of course, Google, respectively, Chrome.And already there we will see a subdirectory User Data.In the next step, visit the folder Default, freed from the catalog of Web Data.All is ready.The problem should be solved.

Chrome failed to load profile: second decision

It should be noted that this method is based on the first.We need to go to the folder that we have visited in the first decision.Once there, look for a directory named Default.Next, you need to rename this folder, for example Default2.

After that, open the browser Chrome and instantly there is a new folder named Default.

emerged later in the folder of the newly renamed Default2 move absolutely all data except the Web Data.It is necessary to delete the directory Default2.From that point, the error should not occur.If once it was not enough, and the error again to remind myself, you can do all of the above again.

There is a third option

If you have done all of the above and still see that it was not possible to load profile "chrome", you can try another means.Now we will focus on how to remove the user by using the settings.For this purpose, you must go to the settings of Google Chrome.

To do this, click on the three-lane, which is located in the top right corner of the browser, and in the ensuing menu to find the corresponding item.Being in the "Settings", finds the section "Community" and a little below the function "Delete User".We carry out the removal, after which a mistake we should not bother.

should be noted that after the removal of the user will be disconnected automatically
Google Account and access to all its services.If for some reason you do not like this method, or it will not help, just get out of your Google account and go to it again, using the browser settings.

Through Task Manager

If you know how to work with the Task Manager, you provided for a quicker way.Run the "Task Manager" with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del.Go to the "Processes" tab.We stop all processes associated with the name of Chrome.You can also run Chrome with the administrator.

If you have Windows XP

All of the above methods for solving the problem "could not properly load profile" work on all versions of Windows, compatible with the browser Chrome.However, if you are using XP location desired folder User Data change slightly.Instead Users directory on the C drive go to Documents and Settings.Further, all as described above.

cause of the problem in how to solve the problem, briefly understood, however, is to understand why
not managed properly load your profile.This error is caused by a malfunction in the accounts Google.That is why all of the above operations are primarily aimed at the removal of user data from your computer.

Do not worry about what personal information is deleted irrevocably.In fact backup copy of all materials stored on the servers of the company "Google".So when the new entrance to the account data is automatically loaded and instantly install.So we figured that should be done if Chrome browser was unable to properly load your profile.It should be said that is a common problem with all the advantages of this browser.

task "Fox»

If Firefox can not load the user's profile, it is recommended to create a new one.To begin closing all browser windows.Remember that all actions are performed with profiles using the "Profile Manager".Call it, you can use the entrance in Firefox with a special parameter - p (or ProfileManager).

entrance to the "Start", run the command "Run" in the window that appears in a special field
«Open" recruit firefox.exe -p.In addition, you can use the button "Browse" to specify where the file firefox.exe and finish at the end of key: -p.You can also achieve the desired icon from the browser thanks.

click on it, right-click menu, select "Properties", go to the tab "Shortcut", appends the -p switch in the special field "Object".Before we open "Profile Manager".It will help to create a profile on any disk (even network), as well as in whatever directory computer.In addition, you can rename or delete a profile.

strength of the new profile

When you create, as well as the choice for a permanent job profile update old
remain in the same place, but will no longer be used.Click on the button "Create" for the emergence of a new profile.We see a window with instructions.We are learning from it.Click "Next".After this, a dialog box "Master", into which the name of the new profile, and if you want the profile to a location other than the default, select the desired folder by clicking "Browse".After that press the button "Finish".

Congratulations profile is created.Select it in the list of profiles and click "Launch Firefox».In order to appear when you start the browser "Profile Manager" should uncheck "Do not ask."Before you open the browser, which will be on display all the settings "default" and disappear your bookmarks and extensions, possibly leading to incorrect operation of Firefox.

Remember that all settings remain intact in the same profile.To return to using it, you need to run the "Profile Manager" and the desired name.As a rule, the profile that has been set by default, receives the name of default.Remember that if you change the direction of the profile or more you do not need, it is also possible to delete or rename, as proposed with faulty versions.Here you will again "Profile Manager".Profile system has proven its effectiveness.You can adjust the browser for multiple modes, for example, the worker (necessary documents and working Bookmarks), home (various types of entertainment and recreation), children (tabs on the game), simplified (only the most necessary for working with the Internet, if your computer useclose people, who have not yet mastered the intricacies of the web).We hope that by using these tips, you will never see the error "unable to properly load your profile" in your browser.We have described methods of solving problems for the most popular and functional reviewers.If you manage to get rid of small misunderstandings, these programs greatly facilitate your life on the Internet.