Agricultural machinery - an important industry

Agricultural machinery industry - a sector which provides the demand in the country and outside it in the equipment, such as machinery for soil before sowing machines for sowing and planting of plants, units for irrigation, irrigation, fertilization.In addition, for a number of crops needed harvesting machine and machines for processing the soil after harvest.

Agricultural Machinery must also produce machines for the care of the animals, feed and for processing of the workpiece.It should be noted that certain crops and animals require unique engineering designs and in any sector need additional mechanisms to ensure the water supply, as well as equipment for the reclamation operations.

Agricultural Machinery Russia is represented by several dozen large manufacturers, which produce mostly grain processing, cutting, seeding equipment, harrows, Dressers, sprayers, tillers, cultivators, seeders, mowers, plows, luschilschiki systems, precision seed and other equipment.In addition, you can buy domestic dryers, appliances for silage, tractor, truck, as well as facilities for the storage of grain.

Among the companies are the following: "Sibselmash-buses" (Concern "Russian Technologies"), the IPC "Argamak", JSC "Kuzembetevsky RMZ", LLC "Klaas East", "Ivanteevsky Elevatormelmash", "Gryazinsky cultivator plant", "Voronezhselmash"" Belinskselmash "," Agrotechmash "and others.

domestic agricultural machinery is experiencing quite a strong competition from Western manufacturers, whose products are, however, costs more, and that makes a Russian producers.In addition, imported agricultural machinery quite hard to get a loan from Russian banks, they are more difficult to maintain because of the presence of many samples on-board computers, which require highly skilled mechanics.It also offers some advantages above the factories and firms.

successful example of how to develop the tractor and agricultural machinery, the Republic of Belarus.Keeping the "socialist heritage" and acquiring imported engines and other spare parts, Belarusian manufacturers produce samples with an optimal ratio "price - quality" that allows them to successfully conquer the Russian market and supply products to some countries in Eastern Europe, as well as, for example, to Cuba.

Agricultural machinery plays an important role in ensuring food security of the country, so the experts noted with satisfaction that in recent years there has been some growth in this sector of the Russian economy.Some companies have gone on "Belarusian way", equipping the basic equipment environmentally friendly engines, the use of which is required, for example in Europe.Thus, the company "Rostselmash" so successfully moved towards integration of the Western experience in domestic developments that get customers in more than twenty countries around the world.Note that the Russian equipment such level is three times cheaper than their foreign counterparts, are not inferior to them in quality, which makes it very attractive for farmers and producers of components from other countries.