How is the child baptized?

Baptism - a kind of purification from possible contamination, the instruction came to God on the right path.In the mystical sense, it is also a renunciation of Satan, to demonstrate that a person's life forever linked with God.Normally baptism takes place in childhood, but can be much later, the Church does not limit anyone in his quest for the Absolute.In this article we look at how the baptism of the child.

First we need to determine the choice of godparents.The main condition - it is kinship, shared views on the education of the child.You must be sure that they can not only help you in certain situations, to help, but also be able to benefit your child.This does not mean that you automatically decline all responsibility for the Christian education of their children, this very shift the burden on someone else's shoulders.On the contrary, we are talking about taking a commitment to God and the Church to show by example a sample of life in a Christian way.

What is necessary for the child's baptism?Required artibuty - a cross and a shirt, in which a child falls into the font.This shirt you can buy in the temple, where the procedure will take place baptism or sewn from simple fabrics.But do not forget about the cross on the back.Need more shoes or slippers.Remember, this is consistent with the traditions of the church.Many temples are very sensitive monitor similar items.

How is the child baptized, you will be told is directly in the temple.It would take a candle that is easiest to buy directly in the premises of the Church before the sacrament.Buy some candles, spare - they are necessary for the baptized, and the procession.Part of candles given for donations.

The procedure lasts about 40 minutes.Beginner to conduct sacraments generally not allowed.Experienced priest knows better how the baptism of the child.At the beginning offset "ban" - a special prayer, then there is the renunciation of Satan and the adoption of the Orthodox faith.Godparents and utter words relied upon the sacrament, and then the child is immersed three times in water.Meanwhile, the priest utters these words: "The servant of God (God's servant) (name) in the name of the Father, amen.And the Son, amen.And the Holy Spirit, Amen. "

After bathing takes godson godfather (or god-daughter), who put on new clothes and white cross.You're the rite of Confirmation.The Holy Father and the cross, reading a special prayer three times bypass baptized.Some temples also credited Romans in part on baptism.The baby is washed with holy water, and above it to pronounce a special prayer, emphasizing the inseparable connection of the world, God and baptized.

last action - shaved baby cross, which should symbolize submission to the will of God and the birth of new life in Christ.The baby back three times dipped into the water with the appropriate prayers.

Now it all depends on the parents and godparents.The spirit in which they raise a child, whether to inculcate Christian values ​​- largely depends on them.

In conclusion, it must be said: do not be afraid.There is nothing difficult or dangerous is how the baptism of the child.If he is calm, do not even have time to see how the end of the sacraments.