Your lines on the hands and their meaning

Palmistry - one of the most interesting and mysterious science that explains and predicts events in the life of man in his arms.Guessing on the arm became popular a long time ago, then to the received information is treated with the utmost seriousness.The lines on the hands and their importance concern us now.

Palmists shared by hand into several parts, each of which there is a certain line.In total there are four, and it is believed that they directly affect the fate of each of us.These include: the line of destiny, heart, mind and life.The first of these - the most unstable and unusual.It is located vertically on the palms (approximately under the middle finger) and corresponds to the element of Fire.As it is possible to determine a person's character, his way of life and the way forward, to figure out what he seeks, which will be able to achieve what setbacks may happen to him.It so happens that fate line is absent, there is nothing fatal.This means that the person has not yet decided on their lifestyle or do not have their own unique way.

lines on their hands and their importance are interesting, perhaps, to everyone.As for the second of them - the line of the heart - that is responsible for emotions, intuition and corresponds to the element of Water.On the hand, it is each person differently.It can be smooth and precise arc that ends somewhere between the index and middle fingers, and can be short, bent, broken and torn hell.If the line is missing, it means that the man is too cruel, and manages it completely logical, not feelings.

Life Line on the hand, the value of which can be predicted, is located near the thumb and indicates how many years a person will live.It corresponds to the element earth, and is like a long, clear, deep and weak, intermittent or short.If the line is too close to the thumb, it indicates a low viability or chronic fatigue syndrome.If it is closer to the center of the palm, it is, on the contrary, says the high power of life and vigor.

Line mind can tell the thoughts of man, his abilities and thinking.It is the long, medium or short at all, as well as straight, curved and bent.There are also secondary lines on their hands, and their meaning is not always clear.They emit a huge amount, they are universal for each person to solve all impossible.Line of love on her arm refers specifically to this.It is responsible for emotions, feelings, relationships and experiences.By definition it is possible to judge the length of the marriage, as well as the strength of the human libido.Where the line ends, it is possible to predict the breakup or divorce.

Palmists sure that the lines on the hands and their importance should know everyone.It's so people could avoid unpleasant situations and thus help themselves and family.But, of course, only a professional can properly and accurately read the signs of destiny, left on his hands.