The establishment of the patriarchate in Russia - strengthening the independence of the Church

natural culmination of the processes of the department of Russian Orthodox Church of Constantinople throne and becoming an independent Russian church structure was the establishment of the patriarchate in Russia.This event was predetermined by both subjective and objective factors of the natural historical development.
baptized, Russia in many issues of church organization depended on Constantinople.First metropolitans in Russia grew sent the Greeks that did not like the Russian princes.Already I Yaroslav the Wise tried to stop this practice, lifted without the permission of the Patriarch of Constantinople in the metropolitan department Hilarion, Russian by birth.Although because of the vicissitudes of foreign policy this innovation did not last long (since 1051 on 1555 years) later grandchildren Yaroslav returned to the choice of the Russian Metropolitan.During feudal fragmentation contributed to the unity of the Orthodox Church of the Russian lands around a common faith.An important role in the trans

formation of Moscow into the center of the unification of all principalities played moving to the Metropolitan.Further development of the Russian state (with his theory of "Moscow - the Third Rome") determined the establishment of the patriarchate in Russia.Union of Florence in 1439, which proclaimed the union of Catholicism and Orthodoxy, was rejected by the Russian hierarchs, allowing Metropolitan Jonah and his receivers by now shaping the future of the church.But the institution itself in the Russian patriarchate was only 150 years later: in the hardest conditions of social and economic crisis after the oprichnina and Livonian War.
Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, is neither a sharp mind, no active domestic policy, but pious and tserkovnoposlushny, in 1586 raises the question of full independence of the Russian Orthodox Church of Constantinople fallen.Most researchers point out that there has not been without influence advisor Fedor - Boris Godunov, the state has a remarkable talent.It took a few years for approval for such a step with current Patriarch, so the establishment of the patriarchate in Russia occurred in 1589, when the Patriarch of Constantinople, Jeremiah was ordained in such a high priesthood of Job, the protege of Boris Godunov.

Since then the Russian Church became real and nominal completely independent organization.We can say that and visionary plans Godunov were fully justified, since the establishment of the patriarchate in Russia contributed to his enthronement.That Job, as a religious leader, played this role.During and after the Troubles Institute patriarchate in our country more and more intensified due to the instability of the secular power.Soon worldly and spiritual authority came into sharp struggle that won the king.Finally, the church structure was subjected to a complete restructuring under Peter the Great.Over the next 200 years at the head of the church was a public authority - the Holy Synod.The new institution of the patriarchate in Russia occurred after the overthrow of the monarchy in 1917, when the Local Council was elected Patriarch Tikhon.Currently Orthodox Church headed by Cyril and continues to play an important role in the spiritual and social development of Russia.