Caring for elderly relatives

All of us with tenderness and trepidation about our parents who gave us life, a happy childhood, gave us an education.But, unfortunately, the years only to a certain point makes the man and give him new strength and capabilities.

When it comes to old age, there are many difficulties associated with it.Typically, this is the disease with which the elderly can no longer cope.To have to live with them.

Almost all older people more than anything else do not want to be a burden to their children and grandchildren.But unfortunately, life is not always pleasant surprises in store for us.And in old age people can catch the disease and ailments that are associated with memory loss, coordination, and make it impossible to independent life.This may be senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease, etc.That's where they need help, care and care of loved ones.

Unfortunately, in order to care for an elderly person, you need a lot of patience, but most importantly the time at which a person is not working.It should be all day is near.And there is a vicious circle: to care for the family man needs time and financial resources, but to have these financial capacity - needs to spend time on the job.

option to give their loved ones in a nursing home - unacceptable for many people.Unfortunately, the state social services are not trusted.It is rare to find people in these institutions, with sincere affection belonging to his patients.Despite the fact that being in there either worthless or worth little money, in addition to everything you need to "grease" nurses and medetsinskogo sisters that they were attentive to nishemu loved one, "thank" the doctor that he appointed some-nibud support profedury (injections, IVs, physiotherapy ...).And of course, all medications, as well as hygiene products (lotions, wipes, diapers) will need to regularly buy most.Food in these places is not different individual approach and away from the characteristic - "at home".

cost of staying in such an environment different from the stated amount of times.And most importantly, there is anxiety that this does not guarantee that the staff will be attentive to the elderly person.

But they have an alternative.This is a private nursing homes, private pensions, specializing in the care of the elderly.

They value their reputation and clientele, so that all employees in employment are carefully selected.In such boarding a comfortable environment for living seniors, close to home.Individual approach to guests - it is the norm for such institutions.

To care for the elderly, in order to facilitate their everyday problems all conditions.

This professional medical beds, electric anti-bedsore mattresses, bedside chair toilets, walkers, hygiene products, tailored to the specifics of care for older guests.

And if the family is not possible in the long term to put their loved ones, the services of a private nursing home people and homes for the elderly can use on the trip, during his vacation.And be quiet for the physical and mental state of their loved ones.