How to make candy at home?

paste - this ancient Russian delicacy, which is made from sour-sweet apples.In fact, there are many ways to cook a tasty, tender and soft dessert.The best varieties of pastes prepared in Kolomna, Tula, Rzhev and Belyov.An important ingredient in this natural sweetness are egg whites, which give it lightness and ease.The idea of ​​cooking is that all the ingredients are mixed, and then whipped in a very thick and fluffy consistency.

then poured into a special form of a thin layer and allowed to dry about 48 hours.Previously, it was much easier to prepare - in a furnace.Despite all the difficulties, the modern housewife manage to do it yourself.Pasto home made from any fruit and berries (apples, plums, pears, currants, cherries, apricots, grapes), rich in pectin.To impart a sweet taste it can be added sugar.It keeps all the beneficial properties and incomparable flavor.

Apple homemade pasta: recipe


- kilogram of apples;

- cinnamon and nutmeg (to taste);

- butter (10 g);

- lemon juice (20 g);

- sugar - about a cup.

also need:

- pan;

- enamel basin for cooking;

- blender and knife.

Fruits carefully wash, cut peel, remove core and cut into quarters.Fold the apples in a pan, fill with water (to cover the fruit), cover with lid and cook until seethe (averaging 10-15 minutes).Merge the juice from the cooked apples and the flesh rubbed through a blender.Adding to the cinnamon, sugar, lemon juice and nutmeg mashed Let cool.

veiled baking parchment paper, grease with butter and spread a thin layer of ground.Then send it in the oven to dry.It can be dried in the sun for several days, or on the battery.Candy at home gives a very gentle and helpful.Preparing it simply and eaten quickly.

It is possible to store the entire year in linen or gauze bags, soaked in brine.And you can put in sterilized jars and screw.Pasta, home-cooked, combined with honey, coffee, tea, fruit juice.This is a great alternative to candy factory.

marshmallow recipe, home-cooked cranberry


- cup granulated sugar;

- four cups of fresh cranberries.

washed cranberries put in an enamel or ceramic pot and send in the oven for 3 hours (temperature about 70 degrees) until steaming.

after a certain time to remove and grind with a sieve, you can grind in a blender.In the puree add the sugar.Berry weight on parchment lined sheet and then send it in the oven to dry for 2 hours.The dried layer is covered with berry sauce and leave in the oven.The result should be 3-4 layers.

ready to fall at home cut into strips or slices and stored for years.For flavor you can add a variety of spices, such as cloves.Instead, you can use cranberries or gooseberry black and red currant.Formulation of the berries change does not change.Very tasty obtained when prepared from several fruits: banana and black currants, cranberries and melons, cherries and gooseberries, etc.It all depends on the imagination.Cook with pleasure!