How to cook a rabbit in sour cream?

Meat dishes were very popular at all times.However, to date domestic feast, usually limited to the preparation of chicken, beef or pork.But sometimes the hostess so want to surprise your guests with something trivial.Try it the next time to cook a rabbit.His lean meat diet necessarily have to taste each guest.Even someone who is constantly watching her figure and counting calories, be sure to try a piece.After all, this dish turns out extremely tasty and tender, if you select the correct prescription.Today you will learn how to cook a rabbit in sour cream.

To the dish turned out juicy and original, you must first marinate the carcass.Most often used for this purpose vinegar.It makes the meat more tender and soft.Furthermore, eliminating odor.It is recommended to use vinegar instead of acid or essence.It must be diluted with water, and add spices to taste.Also, as a marinade is quite possible to use dry red wine or olive oil with garlic.

So, how to cook a rabbit?There are a variety of recipes.But that rabbit meat, sour cream extinguished, gaining the highest number of positive reviews and recommendations.This dish will be a real culinary masterpiece.And it is quite simple to prepare, so handle even the novice mistress.

you need to prepare about 0.5 liters of sour cream, 1 onion and carrots, rabbit meat, spices and garlic, butter, fragrant herbs.Carcase cut into pieces and pre-pickle.To do this you can choose any.The main thing - the meat was in the right condition for the subsequent quenching.Cook the rabbit is not difficult, but you need to pay attention to the subtleties of the recipe.

Fry the meat in sunflower oil until half cooked state.Next, place the pieces in a deep utyatnitsu (Stewpan also nice).Onions cut into half rings, and chop carrot sticks.Vegetables are placed on already peppered and salted meat.It is recommended to add the bay leaf and thyme for flavor.Smetana necessarily Preheat a water bath.Only after that it is already possible to pour the meat with vegetables.Cook the rabbit in sour cream quickly fail, therefore please please be free time to do everything without haste.

Heat the oven to 185 degrees.First time in the process of extinguishing the rabbit should be watered formed juice, the meat was not dry.Then you can slightly reduce the temperature and cook for about 30 minutes.The dish should be served hot to the table, watering juice.As a side dish perfect vegetables and rice.

As you probably already realized, cook a rabbit at home can not even possessing special culinary skills.One needs only to follow the recipe and observe the basic recommendations.Spices can be changed to your preference.The dish can be more bland or, conversely, sharp.