How to begin to engage in retail trade of hats

Speaking of this range, as noted by more experienced entrepreneurs, easier to sell expensive than the cost cap, this can be explained by the fact that people today have begun to appreciate the quality of products rather than their cheapness.

most selling brands are: Totti, Tavita, Tonak, Willie, and Monteleone.As for the cheaper models of hats, we can note the following: Lapland, Forti and Canoe.Selling headgear, their range should be present in a ratio of about 65 / 35.Imeetsya means must be present 35% of cheap products, respectively 65% ​​and more costly.

can certainly sell hats wholesale, but there is a huge amount of variety of both small and large nuances.As for the retailers, it is economically more justified because, to organize such a case it is not necessary to have a large number of directly funding.As a start-up capital will approach a very modest amount of which ranges from 140 to 220 thousand rubles.

Another strong argument in favor of the retailer, is the fact that there is no need to create a large area of ​​the store.Enough small department to do this kind of retailer.

For example, a point can be placed in any shopping center, where there is a high throughput of customers and, consequently, increasing the amount of goods sold.At the same rent for the premises will not be high, as the department in their area is small.

Of course, not everything is so positive in trade hats, there are a few drawbacks.The biggest of them is very low margins obtained entrepreneur.If you figure out what comes next picture at a retail price, for example, a hat and scarf to it will have a price of no more than 1,200 rubles.

In turn, the purchase price is obtained 600-650 rubles.As a result, the seller would have an average of 600 rubles of profit.From which must be subtracted from the cost of rent, sellers pay some taxes and other expenses.And in the end one thing will bring profit to 300 rubles.In order to have a good income, it is necessary that the day was sold at least 10 sets of hats.

So, before you do this kind of activity, it is necessary to estimate all the "pros and cons" to be sure of the profitability of the business.Otherwise, it will not bring nothing but problems and headaches to his master.