Where to buy henna tattoo for Russia?

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question: "Where to buy henna tattoo for?" - May be of interest to those who wish to decorate their body pattern (a henna tattoo - this is proof design) for a period of about three or four weeks.Unlike so-called temptu (temporary tattoos based inks for permanent makeup) is a "work of art" is completely washed away, leaving no streaks under the skin, similar to a bruise.

Eastern art

In countries such as India and countries of the Middle East and North Africa, many people know where to buy a henna tattoo, t. To. It is in this region originated the tradition of the staining.It made special pastes and powders that can be used directly in the work.It is believed that they give a darker picture, t. To. The crystals contain mineral graphite black (black henna paste).Such images are clearly visible on tanned skin, which is characterized by representatives of most of the warm countries.Note that the eastern masters work with the henna with some caution, t. To. The graphite components can give when dissolving a small amount of toxic fumes.

Than to replace?

those who wish to know where to buy a henna tattoo for this type common in Russian stores, we are forced to slightly disappoint.It is sold exclusively in the eastern markets, so find something like this in our country or in Europe is not easy.Therefore, experts sometimes buy fresh henna in shops natural cosmetics.It should be borne in mind that henna hair is not suitable for printing on leather, t. To. It is almost always very fresh and has a fairly large particles.

Where can I buy a henna tattoo for?Some experts believe that good "consumables" can be found in fitoaptekah.When you purchase it is necessary to look at the date of manufacture and expiry date, t. To. The old Henna (blue-green) gives faded drawings.Good will light green version, similar to the consistency of powder, t. To. He will not clog the head of particles of tattoo machine (bag).

Henna Tattoo is even blue

Where in the capital can buy henna tattoo for?Moscow is also among the cities where this product is quite rare.Therefore, the paint should be ordered on the Internet.Here you can find the classic shades of brown, black, yellow, green and even blue options, which will create a multi-colored body art.The process of creating a tattoo based on vegetable dyes takes a lot of time and depends on the size of the drawing.Then the paint held on the body for several hours, henna scraped.Final coloring pattern appears after a couple of days, t. To. Pigments have a prolonged period of exposure to the skin.

Once you have decided where to buy Henna Tattoo, you can think about the ornament, which is expected to apply to the skin.Today there are many stencils for this procedure, but few can match the beauty with mehendi - Indian national patterns for women.For over five thousand years before the Indian significant events applied to the hands and feet of beautiful patterns.Once mehendi performed in connection with certain rituals, but today their importance went beyond tradition and has become fashionable in the decoration of the East.